How to teach your child to read – Part 1

Where once read for parents is not a problem, since the children were taught to read in the first grade, now in most schools a prerequisite for admission of children is the ability to read. Here it is a small selection – or teach yourself, or hire a tutor, or to give to a group of development. The last option moot, since the company of other children your child may be more interesting, as well, and how it can be lost and left behind in training.

If you decide to try educating yourself – in this article you will find some tips on the approach to this difficult problem, and several methods of teaching reading. Equally important is the right to determine the age at which begin training.

What does that mean “be able to read?”
Every adult with little effort to answer this question.
But the correct answer units. It is not enough to learn the letters, syllables, even memorize whole words (as suggested by some method), phrases and sentences. To be able to read – it is able to self-learn and perceive the text.

When to teach a child to read?
“As soon as possible” in this case is not the best answer. Most parents think their child most-most, unfortunately some are not capable of assessing the ability of the child. And there’s not that the child is not developing, but the fact that each of us is individually trained, someone better give writing and reading, some playing instruments and dancing. Many parents are proud to tell others about their giperrazvityh children who are able to read in a year, but this is the exception rather the rule than the norm to which all should aspire.
According to neurologists, parents who with great zeal, and often against the will of the child begin early to teach him to read, can harm the nervous system, as well as to discourage learning.
The human brain – an amazing organ, capable of self-development, from birth to death. But he gradually matures, going from a simple perception of the world to understand, and only then to learn. You can not teach a child is not learning the preliminary figures. If you will be too hard to develop units that are still unable to work so intensely, you are create psychological problems (such as over-arousal and hyper-activity).

A child who is “ripe” for learning to read, must:
– This kid has to be fully established, proposals related to each other, it can describe what is happening to him a coherent text (can not pronounce all the letters, the main thing – the connection of thought).
– Phonemic Hearing is well developed, it can recognize the sounds in different parts of speech.
– The child is no violation of the speech rhythm, melody.
– Well developed orientation in space, he can easily distinguish right from left, top and bottom of the TP.

According to experts, the human brain forms the full score for the perception of letters and numbers by about five years.

The most oft-repeated error – start training with the letters. Letters – is the end result, is that the kid already knew and understood.

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