How to teach your child to dress


How to teach your child to dress

Layered and complex process of dressing is the responsibility of parents from the very appearance of a baby into the world. Babies do not care that they are suited for them the main thing – the presence of mothers, and the clothes – a barrier between the hot mom and him. Therefore the process of dressing is often fraught with tears and resistance.

The process of familiarizing the child to the beautiful and comfortable clothing should begin at birth, and not a week before the first visit to a kindergarten. Below I want to describe several ways to approach this effort – independent dressing.

The first method – a game. From the moment a child begins to show an interest in toys – make sure that there are various educational toys that have lacing buttons of, snakes, locks and so on. Pay attention to how kids are drawn to all kinds of decorative elements on the clothing of parents, the desire to tear off buttons of, beads, etc. Growing up, the child will gradually get used to tying shoelaces and buttoning buttons – it’s familiar to him objects that use from childhood taught my mother.

The method of teaching. When a child comes the phase of development “and that” “why,” “why” – he is willing to listen to my mother’s and father’s sermons. For example, in the process of sorting things in the children’s closet, draw your child to play. Talk about things, why they are needed, what is the difference and how to dress properly. The child looked into the game.

The method of gradual learning. Do not load the child plenty of clothes. Start dressing like a sock. Then learn how to wear pants, sweaters, and so. The child immediately very hard to understand all the nuances of the complex process of creating an image. And do not forget to praise him for every thing yourself dressed, telling him what he is adult and intelligent.

The method followed. Everyone knows that children are like sponges – repeat actions of loved ones. Effective and interesting way would be to place images from a phased process of dressing. If you are going to wear pants or shirt kid looking at the picture to remember how my mother had taught him to do it.

To keep it simple baby learning, urge parents to follow a few simple rules when buying baby clothes.
1) Do not buy a tight fitting or tight clothing.
2) Choose a simple thing, without an abundance of laces and buckles.
3) Do not buy things with a stiff collar – the kid will not be able to wear them on their own and will be nervous.

And most importantly – if you are determined to teach the child to self-dressing, please be patient. In no case can not beat the child the desire for independence. No need to pull a T-shirt out of his hands and nervously putting on her own. This greatly upset the child, and the next time he may refuse to dress themselves. Let your child wears a T-shirt for an hour, but will do it myself and will be full of pride and joy for your success.


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