Carrying bag for babies

Carrying bag for babiesChildren – the most expensive in the lives of their parents. Now there are many goodies for moms, daddies and their treasures. In this article I want to cover the topic a little perenosok bags for babies.
Now they are a free application to most strollers, Transformers. Carrying for a newborn is a bag with handles (short and one long), which made “kapyushonchik” as in a wheelchair, a hard bottom for easy baby, can still include mattress and pillow.
Her appointment diverse – make crumbs out. After all, not all live on the first floor, and if the husband is not at home – to make the carriage is problematic – stand with your child is dangerous, and leave him at home alone is also not the best option.
The second option – warming stroller for your baby. For this Carriers placed directly into stroller – eventually your crumbs well protected from the wind, cold and moisture.
The third option – you have come to the clinic. A wheelchair into the impossible. The carriage is on the street – portability is brought along. There and the baby more comfortable, and your hands are relatively free. And since not all clinics, unfortunately, there are enough pelenatorov – Carriers will provide a convenient device for child care.

Most importantly, remember – Carriers unsafe. Not one case of children was falling. And it’s not in the wrong bag, or bad parents. It is important to remember – when you pull the child out of the stroller to carry – it should always be closed, but if you hang the bag on the shoulder – be sure to monitor the short handles dress on a bent arm at the elbow.

Carriers are not designed to transport your baby in the car. For this there is a car-seat. In the auto seat belts fitted and anatomically correct posture baby. Housing auto seat protected in the event of an accident the baby was as secure. Yes, sleeping baby definitely easier to carry, but from the point of view of safety auto seat definitely better. If you have a personal car, and you are planning to travel with a baby on a visit to his parents or friends – auto-chair is a must.
The appearance of the baby in the family – a great happiness, and it also carries a high cost. Think carefully about what you need, and do not take the money (within reason) to ensure that you and your baby comfortable and safe life.

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