Bad for diapers


Bad for diapers

In this article I want to dispel some myths about the dreaded diaper. After all, young mothers often hear that in spite of the undoubted convenience, diapers harm the baby. And most of these horror stories tells the older generation, which enjoyed gauze diapers or triangles.

Myths about the dangers of diapers came along with diapers. The most common – “the use of disposable diapers causes infertility in boys.” Supposedly in diapers overheat the testicles, leading to infertility. Neither mother does not wish this to his son, so they believe in this myth and obsessed with diapers (by the way, hypothermia child from wet diapers may zastuzhivaniyu bladder, and as a consequence – the boys can upisivatsya night to 8-10 years). The fact that sterility in men increases – the indisputable fact, but these statistics are gathered on the generation that grew on diapers, not the diaper. Scientists conducted the study, measuring the temperature inside the diaper, and it remained unchanged from the time of dressing diaper, and before it is removed. And most important – puberty boy does not begin before 7 years before the sperm do not stand out, they can not hurt, because they simply do not. And most importantly – has produced a generation of boys who wore diapers as a child – and not one of them, an increased percentage of infertility.
Also, research has found that today’s diapers are designed to avoid skin contact with the baby’s urine or feces, climate inside the diaper so good for the delicate skin of your baby. Use reduces the risk of diaper dermatitis.


The second popular myth – the use of diapers leads to distortion feet (dysplasia). This is not true, and on the contrary contribute to the proper development of diapers hips. In specific cases, even help treat dysplasia.

On the origin of the myth of the third do not even know what to say, I can not imagine who could have come up with this. Namely – the use of the diaper is bad for the digestive organs. I hasten to assure you that there is no scientific evidence for this is not a myth. In the U.S., use diapers for over 36 years, and the side effects on children’s bodies were found.

The next myth – the use of diapers makes it difficult to potty training. In this matter, it all depends on the parents – the earlier the process begins habituation, the faster you will achieve the desired results. And diapers you no problem.

Disposable diapers, diaper or triangles – the individual choice of each mother. Use diapers saves money, and the use of diapers saves your valuable time. And moms every minute counts – so much to do, eat and cook, and is clean, and have time to sleep.

If you do chose the diapers, we would like to give you some tips for proper use. First – a hygiene use. Need to change diapers every 3-4 hours, and after each diaper change if possible leave the baby naked for 5-30 minutes (depending on the room temperature, of course. Use diapers for all of your size. No need to buy them for a few sizes too big to Holds up there anymore – such behavior invariably lead to dermatitis. Buy only quality, certified products, in order to avoid possible discomfort and irritation.


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