Technology nail gel

наращивание ногтей гелем

Methods and technology of nail gel.

Most resprostranennoy to date methods of gel nails is due to its relatively low cost and durability. Basically, the correction of nails to be done every 3-5 weeks (depending on several factors that determine the time for correction will help your manicure). Plus the fact that the gel nail enhancements, the material that is used does not fall into the pores of the nail plate, through which nails “breathe.” Therefore, damage to this building is minimal.
Stages of gel nails:
At first plate is formed, it will be the basis of your manicure. Amplitudes of two options – to a form or on the tips.When narafischvanii nail on the form attached to the nail plate special, they applied the gel, and immediately determined by how long (approximately) will be the nail. The great advantage of this option is that the damage to a building reduced to a minimum, and finished nails look very natural. Remove this manicure simply because he is very popular.

The next etapos is “drying” nail. This is necessary in order to secure the material caused by the nail plate. The most optimal – to use the UV lamp. Nails lie in it and hold until hardened. At this stage it is necessary to pay special attention to be careful – if you carelessly put your hands into the lamp – you can damage the liquid gel, and have to go back to the first stage.

After drying, the base layer – you need to “cast” form of the nail. Describe the process is difficult – you need to look at.

The next and last stage is the process of sanding and painting nail art with the addition of razdichnyh decoration.

We were able to describe to you how the process of increasing gel nails, watch videos, and more visit the courses – which will reduce the time spent learning this art.

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