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Interestingly, the first graft of acrylic nails were made of dental acrylic. So by the logic of nails – the brainchild of dentistry. Nails are made of acrylic technology, are particularly strong structure, relatively easy to remove and do not create a nuisance. Make them simple and relatively quick. Another plus is that technology – space does not need any lights, and it reduces the probability of error for beginners in using this material. So often start the wizard choose exactly acrylic technology.The first and important step in the step by step description of the technology of acrylic nails – nails it right to prepare for work. We need to do a flat plate, and this polish its surface.

The second stage – tips to attach or form. Technology capacity when using TIPS easier, but most prefer to use a form wizard, maybe they are more flexible and can be made more perfect form.

The third phase – the application of acrylic powder to a pre-attached form. To you everything was not necessary to have special skills, it is enough to work accurately and carefully. After a short amount of time he will harden the powder in the air and form the augmented fingernail.

The fourth stage – the form with the blade length and shape of the nail.

And of course the last step is to create a design. At this point I will not tell – your handy tools, skills and imagination to help you make an interesting design.

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