Personal experience of building

Personal experience of buildingMany women and girls do not like the natural shape of their nails, which zastvlyaet their complexes, and “hide” your hands. But this can be avoided. Just pay attention to hand care and nail 5 minutes a day. Do you have brittle nails? Use drugs that make up the lack of calcium in-organism. Also, pay special attention to food – if you often change the kinds of diets, it can affect the nails. The use of limited types of food often leads to imbalance of necessary substances in the body – and as a consequence of the increased brittleness of nails. To avoid this – do not forget to include in your diet dairy products (calcium supplement) and vegetables (vitamins).

There are many new ways to both strengthen and accelerate the growth of the nails, and old “grandfather” methods. I will not go – you can easily find them a great many on the Internet (or, then write a separate article on this topic). Let me just say that if you do not have the time or desire, or that and that – you can take advantage of the nails. Many women with thin and brittle nails gladly welcomed this service and enjoy it for many years. I’ll tell you about myself – I personally go with a graft of nails for 7 years (a break for a year when the birth was sonny).And when did a break – I have not had problems with their “horrible” nails. Part of a gel nail course was sawed, but regrown part of the nail looked exactly like the build up. The main thing to find a good manicurist – who will make the correct procedure for building and enjoy the results of his efforts. Incidentally, the photo – my nails. Good luck!

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