Nails, what is the use?

Graft nails - five weeks after the correction

The use of inconsistent speed polish that your nails look perfect from the correction to the correction, you can make any shape and length of nails quickly and painlessly. Regardless of your health and condition of the nails (with rare exceptions). Graft of the nails are not broken and do not layer, and (unless you are very well Maximalist with long nails) will not interfere with your daily life. It also protects your nails graft of the nail plate from the harmful effects of household chemicals and is not always good on the chemical composition of tap water.
From the correction to the correction can go from 3 to 5 weeks (depending on the shape, length and rate of growth of your nail).
If the building is used gel-fighting, it gives your nails a little makeup and vitamins that are not harmful to your nail plate, it also has a strengthening effect on her.
And of course we can not say about the design of inconsistent speed polish. This is where imagination roam there. You can sdelut as gallant and strong French manicure and a beautiful painting with floral motifs, even the portrait (which, of course, requires some skill on your manicure.)

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