Increasing our nails?

increasing gelIn the “nail care” we are writing a lot of useful tips and techniques to improve the condition of your natural nail. In the case, eslmi you do not have the time or patience, or both, and that – do not worry. You can increase your nails in a salon manicure. Capacity at home layman – an extremely dangerous procedure. If you do decide to do it at home – be serious, careful and cautious. Improper treatment can cause irreparable damage to your nails – a violation of the nail structure, nail dystrophy, and even fungal infections.

Desirable to refrain from building up those who are undergoing chemotherapy and antibiotics. This is not a simple alert as a precaution – treatment effects may be delayed up to a year.

The easiest and cheapest way – to buy artificial nails, of various lengths and various colors. They are made primarily of plastic or nylon. To stick them correctly you need to degrease nails, put on your nail plate, nail base (to protect), and then using a special glue to attach the invoice nail. Often, they must be correct, and sawed to the desired pochuchenie shape and length.

Artificial nails acrylic gel and are described in our other articles. Here we only recall that a hp build more durable and easy to use, you just need to find a good master.

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