What a way to increase the gel to choose?

capacity to formGel – perhaps the easiest way to nail. With it you can adjust the shape of the nail, the nail bed extended, to receive the nails of any length (here, of course, preferably without fanaticism, but that’s how someone like that)

This is one of the safest treatments for nails, which does not interfere with your nail to grow and breathe(because the gel is breathable). Build or make a gel on tips or on the form. Ultimately, the difference is notnoticeable.

Tips on building up this way: with a special glue, tipza is attached to a prepared your nails (and skim the surfacewith a slightly cut down). After fixing the boundary between the TIPS and nail zapilivaetsya sawing. Apply a special gel, and dry in the tube. By drying remove the sticky layer of alcohol opilivaem to correct shape andsmooth surface. When nogtik ready – we do cover the design and finish-gel.

building on tipsIf you build your nails for the first time – we recommend you make a build-up on tips. This will help you easily adapt to the new length of the nails. And due to its stability will save you from the “failures.” The whole process takes about 2.5-3 hours.
Form – a piece of foil on an adhesive base with a slot for the finger in the center. The edge of the slot is put under the free edge of natural nails (slchae in his absence – only build on tips), and fixed. Now the nail on the treated plot the gel layer, so that by switching from a nail on the shape, thereby forming the shape and length of the free edge of the nail. After solidification of the gel in the tube, carefully remove the form. Covering the second layer of gel, “pouring out” while the final shape and bend. Opilivaem nail until the desired shape and smoothness, finish, cover the gel. Nails are made using this technology – flexible and elastic. Time to create capacity in the form of a gel depends on the skill and experience of your master. Usually, it takes 2.5 – 3 hours. It also has a value of the condition of your nails and of course the design that you choose (creating it can take anywhere from 2-3 minutes to several hours).

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