How to remove gel nails?

How to remove gel nails?How to remove gel nails?
Methods of removing gel nails are different. There’s even a gel, which soaked with acetone (but right now the lion’s share of gels atsetonoustoychivy).

Gels that harden with UV interpretation file away. Layer upon layer of high-sawing obrazivnostyu (or Fraser), they spilivayutsya to natural nail. Attention! When approaching the plate, take the natural nail file with a lower abrasiveness to avoid damaging the already opileny nail. In the case of the gel – soaking in acetone useless.

Gels that cure with activator-based cyanoacrylate (nesvetochuvstvitelnye gels) can be soaked in acetone. Fill the bath of acetone and soak your hands back to the client 15-25 minutes. In applying this technique, removing the need to carefully observe the instructions of the manufacturer of the gel.

After soaking with a metal pusher or a new wooden sticks smooth motion, slide the pad (which has become soft) from the bottom of the nail shaft to the edge of the nail. Povtoryaytste procedure until the complete removal of the gel. It’s easy and gently wipe with a thin nogtik polishing block. Spend the cuticle and the skin with a special oil or Lotion, then keep doing manicures.

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