Gel nail

Gel nailHuge plus svoremennyh technology nail, in particular gel nails are non-acid components of materials that cherish your nails. After applying the gel on nails, hands are placed in the lamp, in which a UV-cured material. After solidification of the gel forms a strong elastic coating which is similar in structure to the natural nail. Another huge plus nail gel – natural nail plate is breathing a gel, and the gel composition of modern universal system does not cause allergies, due to what is the view rassprostranennym nails. Also, the gel has the ability to go to an even layer (samovyravniyavatsya), thereby saving you time HB sawdust.

Gel nail design is divided into two types:
1) Klassichesiky (tipsovy)
2) Natural (beztipsovy, or capacity to form


Tipsovy kind of capacity gel used in those cases where the client is not completely regrown nail edge, or if it is to a very great length of the nail.

Any manicure procedure always begins with hand disinfection client and master. After processing, proceed to a detailed study of the nail plate, and the verdict: a layer, brittle, thin, damaged, etc. This is in order to determine exactly how to do build gel. The next step is to degrease the nail surface – but at this point, the masters apart, so this step is optional. After that, a special sawing the nails trimmed (not badly damaged in this case). Sawdust whisked brush immediately after cleaning.
An important moment in the classic building is the choice of tips. Tips should be carefully selected for each nail. On the proper selection will depend on the duration and quality of socks nails. If by Tipsy air bubbles are formed – it would last long, and as a consequence of client will be dissatisfied with your work. As an exception, in the case of unusual or deformed nail plate, you can use the biggest tips, but in this case, the master will have to spend more time on the fit to the nail tips. If TIPS is rather small, and causes a feeling of compression – it’s too bad, apart from the unpleasant oschuschenits such capacity may deform the nail plate.
Tips to fix the nails use a special glue that connects the nail tips and nail at the molecular level. That is why the graft nails so strong.
After fixing Wrap on the nail begins to master modeling the entire plane with nail gel. At this stage, there is an important caveat: if the gel okolonogtevogo got on the skin, it must be removed with a wooden stick. Why is this important? Because if you do not, the gel peel off the skin, and then the air gets under it and cause delamination of plastic material from the natural nail. Equally important is the shortening of the time tips. Always leave them a little longer than necessary. In the process of sawdust shape adjusted when you will cut them more than they need, in the sawdust to shorten the nail, and the form will not as it should.

Nail form chosen by the customer, but do not forget that if client went with very short nails, and you just make it a great length – high risk of injury, or “breaking” the nail. Therefore, the first narschivanii do advise length of 1-2 mm, so that the hands get used to the new nogtikam gradually, and not “beat” them about everything. After hardening of the material a few light polishing sawing motion to trim the nail, and your ideal pen ready.

When natural nail enhancements (beztipsovym) by free edge of the nail client should be 1-2 mm. In this case, a nail is put a special form, which is attached to the finger. After that, the nail brush “poured” gel so that it went from the free edge of the form. After the formation of sawdust and the correct form throughout the nail plate is obtained as a natural extension of the nail with the gel. It is important to Fraser sawdust after building the inner surface of the nail. This is done in order to smooth the surface and make the transition as the nail in the gel. The rest of the classical and natural system capacity gel did not differ from each other.

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