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In our time the art of manicures is developing in step with technological advances – there are plenty of materials, methods and techniques of the nails.Since then, as Fred Slack in the mid-twentieth century created the world’s first artificial nail, many things changed, and there are many new techniques, technologies and methodologies nails. This gel technology, acrylic technology and work with the adhesive powder and silk.

Because the nail industry is becoming larger and larger volumes, the science does not stand still. Scientists in laboratories endlessly looking for ways to improve the process. One example, which recently entered the world Gel – a nail through biogel. This technology has rapidly gained a global market and promises to be a progressive wash away and is widely used in the world. In this section we will try to describe the stages of technology popular nail gel and acrylic manicure dyal beginners, as well as reveal some secrets of professional manicure.

Exactly how to increase your nails – you decide. Do you have a wide selection. Whatever you did to get from 0 importantly this moral and aesthetic pleasure. Be bold, and all you get!

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