Xenical slimming

Ксеникал для похуденияThe presence of slight excess weight can upset any person and encourage him to any serious steps diet, exercise, pills and means of untraditional medicine. But the problem of obesity often puts the patient in a deadlock. Physical education no power to limit myself to eat does not, фитотератипия inactive, some medications may cause irreparable harm to the body.

Meanwhile, the Swiss drug xenical slimming today is very popular among obese people who are already suffering the negative consequences of overweight (atherosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension).

Action Ксеникала on weight loss pros and cons

Mission orlistat, the main active ingredient tablets xenical, to prevent the absorption of fat by the body. In practice, this happens as follows. The drug blocks the enzyme activity (lipase), responsible for the breakdown of dietary fats to the point where they begin to be absorbed. The result is that almost 30 % of the total intake of fat is not absorbed, and are ejected with the faeces. The body knows that he fell on «bad times» mode spending of accumulated fat.

Thus, with Ксеникалом weight is reduced, according to different estimates, up to 20-30 %. The advantage of this drug is that it is not absorbed by the blood, and therefore will not cause addiction and have a harmful effect on the internal organs and systems. These xenical differs from Редуксина. But the Swiss capsules and disadvantages, but it is such unpleasant side effects as oily discharge from the rectum, increased flatulence, increased defecation, flatulence, loose stools, unpleasant and painful sensations in the stomach.

Xenical – instruction for use

If you do not want to receive the medication made you encounter the above described problems, carefully read the how to take xenical, to lose weight. First, direct indication for the use of capsules is obese (a BMI greater than 30) and obesity (BMI 25-30). Those who want to lose a couple of kilograms (perhaps even unnecessary), you should pay attention to other means of weight loss – biologically active additives, diet, physical exercises.

Secondly, the medication xenical is only one side of the slimming process. And the other is the transition to a moderately low-calorie food, the main point of which is to reduce consumption of fats. So, if your daily calories menu is 2000 kcal fats you eat no more than 67 g (this number should be more evenly on all meals). Such «mathematics» not only has a positive impact on the result, but also reduce the risk of collision patient with side effects of the drug. And here without consulting a doctor who will help you develop an effective system of power can not do.

In addition, the tool for weight loss should be taken under the constant supervision of a physician those who suffer from kidney stone disease, diabetes, bulimia, anorexia. In the instructions to the Ксеникалу also listed a number of direct contraindications, and this information can in no case be neglected. Capsules can not eat:

  • pregnant and lactating women;
  • teenagers under the age of 18 years;
  • chronic syndrome of the impaired intestinal absorption;
  • gall bladder disease;
  • people with a slight overweight.

Course admission Ксеникала is 2 months. The drug is taken during a meal one capsule. If at some of the meals you completely ignored the fats, the drug can be skipped. Tablet washed down with a glass of drinking water. Daily dosage is 1 to 3 capsules. If you forget to eat capsule, for example, at lunch, and after eating more than an hour later, the next dose take already in the dinner.

By the way, some famous doctors, considering xenical effective may still argue with that, as it is better to take. For example, «star» nutritionist Margarita Koroleva advises to use the drug does not of course, and only in those meals that are rich in fats.

Medical experts warn that this is a cure for obesity not only prevents the absorption of fat, but the fat-soluble vitamins. Therefore, it is important parallel to nourish your body with polyvitaminic complex containing vitamins D, A, K, E, beta-carotene. Otherwise the already known to you and adverse effects may be added problems such as chronic incontinence, defeat teeth, crushing nail, hair loss, allergies and itching on the skin, headaches, significant decline in immunity. Taking vitamins should be 2 hours after use Ксеникала.

Xenical slimming – reviews doctors and patients

Elena, 38 years. Itself the doctor and not the time to prescribe xenical slimming his patients whose BMI over 25. Decent and effective product. Many complain of a very unpleasant side effects that prevent losing weight «with pleasure». I want to say first of all, the harmony can be difficult in any case, secondly, unwanted effects of the medication more frequent and stronger only when intentionally or inadvertently increases the content of fat in their diet. Therefore, xenical, as well as its counterpart Орсотен, without special diet is very poorly tolerated. In addition, prior to receiving the funds, be sure to talk to your doctor. Impaired fat metabolism is a common cause of excess weight, but not the only one. Those who fullness of carbohydrates, better choice than xenical and other medications and a totally different system of power.

Olga, 32 years. First heard about Ксеникале of the programme of Elena Malysheva. I tried and I can say that it really helps. For 2 months I managed to lose 15 kg Yes this effect had not been with me even after strict diets and physical activity (one time she began her step-aerobics). Just set a goal (wanted a baby, but the doctor forbade) and was able to almost completely eliminate sweets and starchy foods.

Maria 30 years. Took xenical two years ago. For a full course has lost 12 kg 1.5 years weight not come back, and then I «relaxed» and again recovered. Recently cut again this drug, but this effect was not – the lost weight is only 4 kg

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