Women and Smoking

Женщина и курениеThe woman can be forgiven all but devil-may-care attitude towards themselves, their health and their future offspring. No koi eyelids were not welcomed conscious self-destruction, and Smoking cigarettes is exactly what is now in question. Yes a woman and Smoking are not compatible concepts.

So, the harm of Smoking for women. First of all, it should be noted that the body Smoking women are not so strong to constantly fight against nicotine and dependence on him. So if a girl does not smoke, it is better not even to try and not to succumb to provocations that is soothing – it’s all a lie. Smoking women up to 40 years more shatters the nervous system, women who smoke often worry about what can’t quit and because of this, smoke more, is it really calms them? Kurama woman jeopardizes not only your nervous system and heart, and reproductive functions. Woman enough to smoke about ten cigarettes a day, to become infertile. The impact of Smoking on the woman and her fertility? As you know, the egg absorbs all the harmful components that are to be constrained nicotine in the smoke, while it lost the ability fertilization. If she smokes, she is contraindicated reception of hormonal tablets, in order to avoid death. Heat is Smoking bad for women , we found, also I would like to know how compatible the Smoking pregnant women. If the woman smokes, was able to get pregnant, it’s still not a reason to rejoice because there is a greater chance of miscarriage or the birth of a child with down syndrome, not to mention the fact that increased risk of giving birth to a dead child.

Smoking women under 40: the statistics shows that the majority of heart disease occurs at a young age due to Smoking, people who smoke suffer from oxygen deficiency, women are no exception.

Prohibition of Smoking women is maintaining youthful and healthy skin for many years. Scientists have proven that nicotine is bad for the appearance of the girls. After all the components that are present in tobacco, have a negative impact e only on the internal state, but also on the outside. For example, if you examine a woman’s skin, then you can tell her addiction to nicotine. The skin is under stress due to lack of oxygen, has a gray color becomes too dry. It is worth noting also that Smoking women quickly wrinkles. With long-term Smoking in the eye area appear dark circles, which are very hard to get rid of, almost impossible.

The Smoking woman is not recommended for a long time to be under the sun, due to the fact that the skin Smoking girls falls under oxidative processes that cause aging of the skin. Hair, nails and teeth of a woman who smokes, have a very bad appearance, in addition, the hair is very strongly absorb odor and have a dull color. The teeth at risk of decay.

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