What to wear for the new year

Что одеть на новый годThoughts about what to wear for the new year begin to harass women long before the holiday. The main loading on the organization of the main winter holiday fall on the shoulders of women, men task for the selection of the new year attire is considerably simplified. Yes, delicate woman except dives in the sea of thousands of variants evening toilet ahead, the race for the gifts and decorations, as well as Jogging on grocery shopping. To avoid problems new year 2014 what to wear, I offer to pay some attention to our article. We, of course, trim you will not be able to, but try to give a comprehensive answer to this question topical today: what to wear for the new year?
The patroness of the coming 2014 will be blue wooden horse. It so happened that the signs of the Oriental horoscope firmly established role of the leader of the year. In this regard, the new year 2014 what to wear to all that corresponds to this restive, strong, clever animal. This is a real symbol of energy and vital prosperity will be able to lift up to the heaven, and make a very unlucky person. So even if you are not superstitious people, outfit for new year 2014 what to wear to «correct» одежду.В the first place, correct it should be on the color characteristic. As the horse from us Blue or Blue, the welcome will be all shades of blue-from heaven to ultramarine. The horse is a real animal, so the fabric should prefer natural. You can safely wear cotton, silk and woolen garments. In addition to the blue shades are all valid pure colors: green, grey, yellow, black. Do not give up their color preferences, if your wardrobe prevail cream, peach and coffee shades. Avoid provoking colors: red also refers to the pure, natural colors, but from him and acid shades have to give up, if you want to please come in Volodarka.
If the colour scheme figured out, and you know what to wear for the new year needs to be the most natural and comfortable outfit, you can navigate to a direct побору service.
At length everything should be modest and colors. Avoid mini-skirts too short dresses, large neckline and too open backs. In new-year night you should become the riddle. Be original and elegant, and avoid vulgarity, you will help black cocktail dress. An excellent option is dress in retro-style hairdo a La 30th, concise dresses, trousers with high waist in the spirit of Marlene Dietrich. Skirts-pencils is not the first season ousted from the runways of all minimum. Boldly dresses in such an outfit. Love the pants? Then you do not exist perennial problem called, what to wear for the new year. Any pants would be appropriate. Want to appear in a more festive appearance? Put on the top, leather pants and do hair «pony tail». If manicure do with thick leather boots or the head of a horse, your image will be consistent, appropriate and public одновременно.Аксессуары will find not difficult. Decoration with emerald green, turquoise, sapphire and аметистовыми stones urgently need to get out of the casket. The horse we Wooden, so as never will be an important addition decoration of the tree. Earrings, vans, bracelets, and all wood is not simply adds spice to your image, but will also serve as a universal accessory, because wooden things will fit almost all outfits.
Sign particularly chic is to use flowers in creating the image. In the forms of service give preference flowing fabrics, free style, and finery, which emphasize the aristocrat in your appearance.
What else is important not to forget? Of course makeup! Do not strive with this, make natural makeup, more natural, hues and shades of lipstick. But from the spangle in cosmetics do not give up: it will look solely to the new year’s manual for Eastern Mrs.. Fragrance in the festive night is important. And you need to give preference to flower and fresh spirits. You should smell fields and a violent wind.
In the choice of hairstyles one ponytail we are not limited to: loose curls, curvy waves or pigtails with many of the ribbons will look good.

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