What tells womens handbag

Тайна женской сумкиNice floor on this planet, and they are all different. The distinctive features of the mass is and hair color, height, size, style of clothing. And of course each of them need their own bag, which will be liked and fit her style form and colours. This is often not the one bag, some women they hundreds more under different outfits, styles, moods. There are women who prefer to wear only the designer items other suitable online store copies of, where you can purchase high-quality copy of the famous brand at an affordable price.

Research psychologists should, proceeding from the bag, which chose a woman, it can be concluded about her character.

Bags big size choose women, broad-minded, active and energetic, workaholics. Often these bags quickly and easily opened, have a lot of departments.

Small elegant bags (for daily use – it is clear that in the restaurant and on the rout many choose Taco format) are girls who are paying for yourself beloved plenty of attention.

Beautician – small handbag without handle choose the girl organized and restrained – in it you often find actuator handle telephone lipstick and mirror.

This classification has the support of many scientists, but I would like to draw your attention – now women are not one and not two bags, just the same collection for all occasions. On this basis conclusions on «the most beloved» model.

In my opinion, now it is useless to classify «Housewives» in their bags. A woman is always a mystery, unpredictable and varied. Today she is in hippie style, tomorrow – red beast with crazy narrowing down the slit, and the day after tomorrow schoolgirl with two plaits.

Also offer a peek inside and сделть conclusions on the contents of the handbag. But there was also a result of dubious – 80% of women склдывают all nice and neat on the first day of using the enhancement – after all this wonderfully mixed in with a lot of лашних and unnecessary things. A month later, there you can find everything from cosmetics to a hair dryer and mini-iron.

So our advice – if you want to know a woman better – just spend with her the more time talking on different topics, ask thematic issues and for you slightly open a veil of mystery of her character.

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