What is so good Belarusian knitwear

Чем хорош белорусский трикотажSince ancient times garment factory Belarus sewn Jersey, during this time the technology has been improved, which positively influenced the quality of the material. Through such progress, the Belarusian knitwear was launched into the international market. Today, hosiery products, produced in Belarus, are supplied, as in the CIS countries and Europe. It is important to note that in Belarus you can find a huge number of sewing factories that manufacture good at knit products. Versions of the models and the cost can be seen on this website, Moda-by, many of the models deserve attention.

The advantages of the studied knitwear

For the production of knitwear on the territory of Belarus is used only natural raw materials: acrylic or cotton or the basis can be taken wool or other natural product. Due to this, things Jersey best warm in the winter. This material is very useful in summer time as absorbent and let skin breathe. Knitwear is quite comfortable to wear and very pleasant to the touch.

For winter season it is recommended to opt for woolen knitwear: warm in the bitter cold. To guarantee the quality and durability of the product added in the viscose, but no more than 30 percent. In comparison with Chinese goods made of synthetics, knitwear not developed no rash, no irritation and no allergic reaction. Frequent inspections provide an opportunity for the manufacturers not to doubt the quality of their own production.

Knitwear from Belarus had been tested for stretching, strength, tests were conducted at heat retention and so on. It is important to note that this material is in all cases “rests on the figure”, which cannot be said about products manufactured in Europe. The fairer half of humanity depending on nationalities have different features in the figure. For example, picking Slavic women differs from women of European descent that leads to the fact that branded items are not on the figure. In the manufacture of Belarusian knitwear uses a specially developed technology. It gives you the opportunity to do a knitted material with an air loops. Thereby, the skin breathes and keeps you warm at the same time.

The advantages of Jersey:

— the use of natural raw materials;

— impeccable quality;

— worn over the years, preserving the form and appearance;

— does not cause the development of rashes and irritation;

— large selection;

— easy to wash;

— can be used in any season.

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