Wedding Nails – why?

Nail design for weddingWedding – a day that most girls dream of. And everyone wants to be the most beautiful refined and elegant bride. Beautiful dress, hairstyle, impeccable make-up and of course a delicate and beautiful manicure. This is a very important detail image of the bride – when the second half wears her wedding ring on his finger – all eyes turn to the hands of the young. The video and photo shooting this point can be seen close up. The rules to be followed when choosing the design of your wedding manicure.
– The wedding nail design to complement your image, but in any case does not stand out.
– The length of the nails should be small so as not to create discomfort.
– If you want to do sculpting – it should not be overly volumetric.
– Manicure for 4 days before the wedding.
– In order to handle your wedding day was “like a salon” – drip a drop of cuticle oil to each nogtik and pomassazhiruyte each finger.
– The color of nail to be in pastel colors (if your dress is a custom color, you can do accents in tone as well).

Now you have the minimum information about a wedding manicure. Choose a favorite design or create for yourself. Now there is a lot of material for the realization of your ideas – in a wedding manicure can be used sequins, Bulyonkov, mica, mica, liquid, lace, rhinestones, Swarovski stones, etc. m. It’s simple to enumerate. I wish you look adorable in one of the most important days of his life!

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