Wedding manicure

Wedding manicureFor every woman on the wedding day – the most exciting day in my life. So hard to provide for all, so many little things you need to prepare, just beauty bride requires manicure, make-up, a lot of time selecting dresses, veils shoes, stockings and garter … Since my site is mainly devoted to the nail category, then of course I will dwell on the choice dizaytsna wedding manicure.

Woman’s hand – one of the important parts of prefabricated image, which is a man in the first dialogue. And despite the fact that you have already decided on the chosen one – hands require even more care. And when you consider that at the wedding, during the exchange of rings, all the attention of the public, the photographer and videographer riveted to your hands – simply inexcusable neglect wedding manicure. In view of the above, I recommend the beautiful bride to pay close attention to the manicure. In this article I want to give some advice to help you choose the right direction, and cause the admiration of the guests!

Let’s start with the fact that the wedding manicure can embody all, even the most daring fantasy girl, which she could not bring herself to daily life. But we should not forget that svadezhnoe dress more volumetric than everyday attire, and it imposes some restrictions on the choice of manicure. Do not make an incredible long nails (when breaking off “the roll” they can stop you from becoming head of the family :)), as well as abuse and dimensional modeling and decorations.

If you have not built up the nails, and decided to take this step forward in honor of the wedding – growths nails though, would be two weeks before the celebration – this will allow you to get used to the new shape and length, and save you from discomfort. During this time you will understand how much you are comfortable shape and length, and in case of discomfort, a few days before the wedding correct manicure and create wedding manicure.

Design options can be sea – and you can use any decorative elements that would come to your outfits and accessories (I purposely do not write dress – now what only wedding dresses will not see – from unspeakable cardigan with shorts, to dresses that look so intimate, it seems like they should be worn only in the bedroom :)). But, there are a few options that are so versatile that fit just under it.
1) The classic varnish finish nails gentle, pastel colors. Look, I’ll tell you, it is very appropriate – the bride is a symbol of purity and modesty. Creating such a manicure does not require particularly sophisticated – just do manicure, nails and cover with varnish.

2) French manicure. Oh this jacket! Fails to amaze me the idea of ​​Jeff Pink. This American brought into fashion this kind of manicure – and for almost 30 years, he does not go out of fashion. Universality of the French manicure is recognized around the world, and every day around the globe to create a masterpiece with his participation! On the wedding day, you can make a simple, classic jacket, and take it as a base and add decorative elements, the flat sculpting – all, of what your manicure.
3) floral motifs. Well, what kind of a wedding without flowers? On your marigolds they too will ever be appropriate. You can make one large flower, using the technique of Chinese painting. For example, delicate rose bud with white and light … (Choose a color that complements your dress.) Or you can make a list melenko white flowers with Swarovski stones in middle. You can even make 3-D flowers with the aid of modeling, but remember – the height should be the minimum, otherwise you run the risk of “Namuchaetes” with them, and with a veil, and dress, and … and … and … all, why should not touch your hands. In the long run, made unreal molding on the ring finger, it may not get into a wedding ring :).

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