Options for a wedding manicure – Part 2

Свадебный френчIf you do decide to build your nails – contact an experienced specialist. He will do it with quality materials, will select the most appropriate form for you, and rasskazhevat how to care for them (special care is required, but there are nuances.) Interenet is replete with photographs of the consequences of mismanagement of poor quality materialama capacity, and the consequences thereafter. So be careful – not as a master pick-random, and on customer feedback. It is desirable to increase your nails for 5 days before your wedding.

In the event that you decide to make a wedding manicure on natural nails – you need to do in a day before the wedding to make it look perfect. Most likely the wizard prompts you to do a French manicure with a neat sweet wedding design that will accentuate your beauty nenavyaschivo, but do not attract much attention.

When selecting the type of manicure, first of all look at what your nail plate. If the condition is poor, think three times. After all, choose a natural nail manicure does not happen – it does not hide the flaws that you see, and you opponent is building – you have an alternative. First – take care of your nails beforehand, treat and strengthen them. If time is not – buy the desired shape tips, lengths, colors, and with a ready design.

Fortunately, in our time, there are shops specializing in drugs for the nails. In which there are products for every taste. A manicure for a train at the disposal of proven materailov and decorative elements that you can implement any, even the most amazing fantasies.

Dear newly-weds – our site greets you with holiday and wish you a long and happy life together!

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