How to choose a wedding manicure


Wedding Design

Wedding – a fairy tale. A write of the bride and groom, with the help of their friends and relatives. Where is the celebration of what scenario in which costumes – is all you need to provide to the smallest detail. That’s just the small details and the time is not enough, so you need to select in advance, not only dress and costume, but also think about the manicure.
After all, your tale of sharp-eyed photographer will be present – which can sometimes take pictures that you would not think. An ugly bride manicure and (or) the groom (!) Can make ugly pictures of the registrar. What would have been nice ring – they do not hide the lack of a manicure, a video and photo moment forever engraved their dressing your mistake.
In any beauty salon offers bridal manicure done, you just have to be defined in advance with the master and design.
Many brides seeking to make a modest manicure on their nails. They believe that in appearance, and so many details that draw attention to themselves. After all, if you dress in a lot of jewelry, make a bright makeup, hair, manicure – you run the risk of rubbing in the weight of emphasis.

Nevertheless, there are those who do not want to do a wedding manicure on natural nails short.
They prefer the nail with abundant decoration. Just do not overload your nails – otherwise you risk looking like a wedding cake with all kinds of curls, and pretzels.


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