Consider options for a wedding manicure


Wedding DesignIn the girl’s wedding day is especially beautiful! In it everything is perfect! Looking at her friends, relatives, or simply passers-by people who notices everything – the hair and the dress and shoes, and of course the manicure.

King Louis Philippe of France was the first handsome, he’s the daily exercise introduced in ladies and men’s facial, hand and nails. Since then it has become not just a fashionable trend, but a necessity. In the early twentieth century, nails first began to decorate the templates out of paper. Marlene Dietrich was the first who did it! Since
been a regular manicure without decor became unpopular. The time for hand care has to go more and more, and problems with the creation of ideal knobs too. After all, if you are the owner of crack layer and brittle nails – is, I’m sorry, not very aesthetically pleasing look. This was the impetus for the creation of an entire branch of industry – nail Artois. Following the paper patterns appeared tips, development proceeded at a frantic pace – there are acrylic, gel coat. Laboratories around the world are struggling with the technology usovershenstvovariem acrylic coating.

Elongated, “pointed” nails – fashion for more than a year. A woman should be changed. According to statistics, 68% of women prefer to change the shape of the nails at least once a-half years. And they can help in this constantly manicure – they extend nails of all shapes and lengths – from the classic six-sided nine Stilt incredible length. And most importantly, all these procedures are completely harmless to your health, moreover, gel or acrylic coating protects your nail plate from mechanical damage. When using Bio Gel – nourishes the nail vitamins and minerals. Correction of the nails should be done every 3 – 5 weeks, and it is not due to its poor condition, and the fact that your mother nogtik rostet (sometimes even more than without the increase) and poetoru need “doraschivat” coverage. Good faith in correcting the master remove the old layer of material to prevent its aging. Another nice bonus – no need to touch up, they look perfect, and the second, and on the thirtieth day.

Wedding Nails – a special branch in the nail – the design, maybe, on this day the image of a young bride to be thought out from A to Z. Master manicure can create a variety of designs – from classic paintings to the jacket on one or more nogtikov. At the same time use a lot of variations of decorative elements. It can be done under the richunok your wedding dress, one to one, or in the same style, a lot of options.
The design is also often used fabrics such as lace, brocade, lace, mesh. Technique is – in the sprinkler is added or the material itself, or its footprint (similar to the amber, which bears the trace of the ancient fauna and flory.Akrilovy flat and sculptural design is very suitable for this day. It creates the special atmosphere of the celebration of love, the beauty of and individuality of weightlessness, and a festive mood. If you pour a planar molding akviriumom – you get a 3D image of flowers or hearts, and he does not “hurt” any hairstyle or outfit.

Another option – the use of herbarium specimens, such as a small sprig of dill or parsley, small petals, or large pieces. An interesting solution – feathers, which can be nadergala even the pillows, or if you have a parrot – to collect his feathers. Among them are incredibly beautiful designs – flowers, butterflies and birds.

If you want your image was perfect, complete, stylish – do not forget the bridal manicure.


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