Choosing a wedding manicure


Wedding french manicure

The image of the bride is created in many ways. It is also important, and how will it look like the handle – it ringswith dressing all the attention is switched on them. View manicure largely determines the bride’s dress. Perhaps the best design and shape of the nails will help you choose the manicurist.

I want to announce to you the most popular to date versions of the wedding manicure.
“Lace” – a design on the “Aquarium”, which is very popular today. He performed with gel, acrylic, or created using fabric that is suitable for your platyu.Liderom, of course, is a French manicure. It can be created as anatural nail and the artificial. In color it can be anything – it all depends on color dress. Often, it is decorated withdecorative threads, sequins, Swarovski stones, hologram powders and a variety of other decorative items.



Decorate a wedding manicure modeling in the form of flowers or hearts, with the addition of rhinestones, beadsshimmering sand – would also be nice



One of the most popular options for wedding manicure is still a portrait of the future spouse on the ring finger, made on the “Aquarium”

One popular design is a portrait of her lover on the ring finger performed by the technique of “Aquarium”.

The form of nails, you can make a square, oval, or almond.

You also can not forget about the groom’s hands – it should look like a manicure, too buzeprechno. Simply sandand napolirovat nails.

On this bright day of your life your way to be perfect – from the dress to the tips of the nails and makeup.Therefore, it is necessary to think in advance. And may your marriage be a happy and long lasting!

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