Vacuum-roller massage

вакуумно роликовый массажIf a problem appears on the skin in the form of cellulitis, flabbiness, swelling and no means do not help, you can spend vacuum-roller massage. This type of massage will help in the fight against excess weight, even in the treatment of osteoarthritis, for correction. Massage is very effective if used correctly, painless is and it only takes 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, course of 10 sessions.

Vacuum-roller massage contraindications:
– diseases of the blood;
– pregnancy;
– venous disease;
– diseases of joints;
the tumor;
– Oncology;
– diseases of the kidneys and liver;
– inflammation of the skin.

The device for vacuum-roller massage is a compressor and the nozzle in the form of videos. Few moving rollers capture the skin and when applying vacuum begin to shrink, to soften and break up Jyrki. Dilates blood vessels, improves blood circulation, start to leave the slags, toxins, the skin is renewed, is tightened, it becomes elastic, reduced weight, reduced bumps and peel cellulite. Vacuum hardware roller massage can be done in the salon or at home. Depending on what type of massage is conducted depends and price of treatments.

Vacuum-roller massage bflexy. This type of massage is performed, if there is a desire to stay young. After treatment, the skin becomes elastic, will not become loose, remove cellulite and excess Jyrki remove stretch marks. Also good to use after training, fitness, will help to remove fatigue. One session of this massage Ala, course of 10 sessions.

Vacuum-roller massage starvac. This type of massage is used in the hips, buttocks and abdomen. The procedure is painless, the cost depends on the site, where will be held massage, after all the time, 45 minutes – 1900 rubles, 1.5 hour-3500. Just a 10 procedures. This type of massage crushes Jyrki, cellulite, deeply affects the lymph. In this regard, increases the skin tone, you receive elasticity, elastic. Cellulite is reduced regardless of the stage.

Of course, this massage is not all affordable, yet very effective. You can buy the device vacuum-roller massage and carry out the procedure of the house. The cost of such a device is high, up to 300,000 rubles, but, if to buy it, you can calculate how much you could save money.Vacuum roller massage reviews. Those people who held such procedures can boast of their skin, the way she was elastic, supple and young. Disappeared loose, fragmented, and disappeared Jyrki. The procedure is not painful, even after the first procedure, you can see the result. Bruises are not remain with the right of massage, specialist should know well the direction of massage and technique.

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