Vacuum anti-cellulite massage

Вакуумный антицеллюлитный массажMany girls before you go on vacation, want to bring your body in order. After you have planned a trip, taking advice you can be taken for the removal of the orange peel (cellulite on your body.

If there was cellulite, from him so quickly to get rid of. Of course, you can close your eyes and ignore cellulite, but the skin is covered with a crust and mounds view unpleasant. If certain procedures have already been carried out, but failed to produce the expected effect, you can experience the vacuum anti-cellulite massage. Something to make the anti-cellulite hardware vacuum massage you can contact the shop where and procedure will be carried out.

Advantage of this procedure is that the specialist can adjust the pressure of the vacuum, you can also change the mode of operation of the device. Using special nozzles can be carried out  anti-cellulite vacuum-roller massage.  Such « rollers» can be used not only in the salon, but also at home, you need to know how to properly conduct (bottom-up).

If after vacuum massage appeared bruises, a procedure should continue, you should not give up massage. Yes, it can and will for some time to change the short dress on more long tunics or light trousers, the patient has meaning, the result will surprise. As a result of this massage the skin deeply warms up, improves blood circulation, there is a «cleansing» and out toxins from the tissues and excess liquid.

Can be performed independently   anti-cellulite massage vacuum canister, using silicon jar. The pharmacy this jar is cheap. But there are certain rules how do vacuum anti-cellulite massage. Before starting the massage, the skin needs a little steam out, you can take a bath. Then lubricate the skin cream (not very bold and squeeze the silicon jar put on the skin. You can also make anti-cellulite massage vacuum banks. Banks or Bank can « lead» and different directions (circular or zigzag, direct). It is important not to forget direction – upwards. Under the pressure of the vacuum pressure fat cells, are broken, and that is basically what we need to achieve.

Anti-cellulite vacuum massage reviews  those who experienced such a procedure. Opinion is the same for everyone, vacuum gives a good effect in a few weeks the skin, not to learn. Disappeared peel and bumps, skin changed, become smooth and beautiful.

If to carry out the procedure in the salon, the expert will select individual vacuum massage spend for your skin. Can also offer special nozzles «videos». They help to break up жирки, how – to roll out their fat will go specifically from certain areas where there is a problem.
Hardware vacuum anti-cellulite massage reviews. Specialist will help you to quickly cope with this task in the fight against cellulite, tell how cosmetics better to use for the body. Such a procedure may be conducted on the buttocks, thighs, legs, wherever there is a problem. Of course, the result of getting rid of cellulite will accelerate the effect of smooth, smooth and silky skin will be provided.

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