Vaccinations: for and against

Прививки: за и против Many people know and understand that vaccinations are needed to children. This vexed issue of concern to many parents, but not everyone understands what vaccinations do we need, because you can not do this. Let the kid переболеет «children’s» illnesses, as stated in childhood, why it is fenced from them. There is an opinion, the older a person becomes, and if sick with such diseases is much harder to their transports, so it’s easier then in childhood to recover from. Clearly vaccinations are needed. Because the child is born absolutely vulnerable to infection, so why do we need the vaccine and vaccination of newborns: for and against opinions diverge again.

What good to expect from childhood vaccinations: for and against.

Making vaccinations against infectious diseases, to protect the child and guard, created an artificial immunity. Because in the vaccine are weakened pathogens of the disease and the body begins to produce antibodies and immunity to a particular disease. Think about what will happen if one is not vaccinations, do you really need vaccinations for children: for and against the question remains open always.

The most dangerous infections for a child are:
– measles, rubella, pertussis;
– tetanus, tuberculosis;
– diphtheria, polio, hepatitis.

The first vaccine do immediately after birth (hepatitis, tuberculosis), then according to the schedule. No need to expose your baby and they risk, if the baby was born healthy and there are no contraindications, do vaccines and don’t listen to friends. These vaccines will not do harm, but on the contrary, will protect the cub from serious diseases

Прививки: за и противThere immunization schedule for children and adolescents, only need to observe the time of their conducting, come from the child’s age and his health. But remember, you can not always do vaccinations for children and this is important. For example, if the child has contraindications, such as:

– chronic diseases or exacerbation;
– weakening of immunity;
– the forthcoming operation;
– allergies to foods or drugs.

In this case, you should first do a treatment of the underlying disease and vaccination make a few months after recovery. And no need to go on about the medical staff, they also need to plan, perform, vaccinations have their retention requirements, look at the label.
If the child has a disease associated directly with the intestines, then vaccination against polio can cause this disease ( the virus begins to multiply).
As could be an allergic reaction after the vaccination. This is already a complication, and it could cause respiratory disease, rather residual effects. Also vaccinated need to do a few months after full recovery. These points are very important.
These examples prove that it’s not the quality of the vaccine, and in violation of instructions for grafting.

Symptoms after the vaccine in the form of high temperature, fever, sleepiness or irritability may occur several days. In such moments burden the child intense games, and led to the kindergarten.

What do you do if there is more dangerous disease, need vaccinations for children: for and against and whether they, when infected mother.

As well as healthy children should be vaccinated these special babies born from HIV – infected moms or upon detection of hepatitis. Such children enter toxoids regardless of the stage of the disease.// <![CDATA[
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// ]]>If you do inoculations, you can protect your child from infectious diseases, and if this matter seriously would react the other, and each will be targeted for vaccination, one can already speak about the protection of the population from various infections.

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