Useful manicure

Полезный маникюр

The hand of a woman – it is a peculiar visiting card. They are able to give your age and even occupation. And speaking about the well-groomed hands, one can not ignore the care of nails.

Rapidly disappearing nail, they now need to be more natural. Treat yourself and your hands SPA procedures, the effect is stunning.

The most common procedure is considered paraffin bath. They significantly improve the condition of the skin, making it more elastic, and improve the General condition of nails. They cease to exfoliate, become stronger.

A more lasting effect you can achieve by making Japanese manicure (or sealing). This is a set of procedures, and it is carried out only in the cabin. The nail plate is treated in a special tonic hydrate cuticle. Then nail is covered with viscous solution containing beeswax and microelements. Rubbing his soft suede nail files, thereby filling paste all the damage to the nail plate. After the nails are polished and covered with a special powder. Applied on the nails layer will protect them within twenty days. Plus, they are under his influence will be restored.

Perfectly strengthens nails and cosmetics GUAM. All the procedures which apply it, are aimed at giving forces often breaking and soft nails a.

Can do and so-called hot manicures. Hands and nails are processed heated creams and oils. Under this treatment, minerals and substances penetrate into the structure of the nail and the skin is much faster. Nail plates are recovered, and cuticle increases much slower. Hand skin after such a manicure, soft and velvety.

But this relaxation will be the SPA manicure. Every cabin, apply their cosmetic products, taking into account individual peculiarities of the skin and nails of the client. You pick up the individual moisturizing complex, regenerating, rejuvenating.

Usually, SPA manicure includes various bath, peeling, massage and mask for the hands and nails. After all the procedures that will take a lot of time will make you a master stylish European manicure. Remember to take care about the beauty of your hands.

Similar cabin procedure should be done regularly, not forgetting, take care of your hands and nails and at home. Only in this case, you will permanently save their youth and beauty.

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