Ultrasonic face cleaning

Ультразвуковая чистка лицаThis cleansing is carried out to clean the pores, using a special apparatus, which directly affects the skin of the ultrasound waves. Plus the cleaning that is not warming or распаривать the skin after the procedure no redness and inflammation, edema as the case with mechanical cleansing.

  Ultrasonic cleaning of face skin applies:
– oily skin;
a dull complexion.
– enlarged pores;
– small defects on the skin of the face;
– reduction in tone.

Ultrasonic facial contraindications:
– various injuries of the skin;
– oncological diseases;
– hypertension;

Using ultrasound top layer of skin is removed, the surface of the rise of young cells, thereby improving cellular metabolism. Every cell receives a kind of massage. Compared to mechanical cleaning is a painless procedure. Using ultrasound no complications, no allergic reactions. It is considered more delicate procedure.

  How do ultrasonic face cleaning.

During this procedure uses a special device for ultrasonic cleaning your face, with the use of different cosmetics for face. The skin in the process of cleaning gel is applied and special spatula cosmetologist leads in the skin, through which passes the ultrasound and gently cleanses. The skin gets rid of dirt. It is good to use when carrying out procedures of various gels, lotions, thereby better penetrate into the skin nutrients. Of course, such a procedure is better suited for people with high fragility of vessels, for dry and sensitive skin.

   Ultrasonic face cleaning is a course about 5 cleansing with a break for 2 weeks, then one is enough times to maintain the effect.

This procedure is ineffective when heavily Laden with problematic skin. So the same effect depends on the regularity of the procedure; the specialist whom you trusted, after all, do not put on the experience and go to improper beautician.

  After ultrasonic cleaning individual no complications in the form of redness, swelling, peeling and completely without pain.

  Home ultrasonic face cleaning. You can buy a device and clean the skin at home. The disadvantage is that such a device is very poorly cleans and this differs from a professional staff, better go to a beautician to get professional help.

  Ultrasonic facial reviews. The uniqueness of this procedure is that this procedure helps to rejuvenate the skin, eliminates puffiness and provides a lifting effect (tightens the skin), wrinkles disappear, returns elasticity and color of the skin the skin is refreshed. As successfully, you can apply at the cleansing of the cleavage (skin soft, thin).

 Ultrasonic facial photo you can see the result of the conducted procedure. It is important to remember that such a procedure will help clean the skin, but does not eliminate acne.

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