Types of manicure, pedicure

классический маникюрWe should care about nails not less than care of our skin and hair. Every time, when you want to pamper yourself, to relax – take a look at his fingernails. If they look not so beautiful as you want – a manicure or pedicure. Besides beauty, you will enjoy themselves procedures. During the procedure in the salon, in addition to the visual beauty and purity, also conducted activities aimed at nutrition and treatment of nail plates. The pedicure and manicure are divided into 4 types.

1. Regular manicure and pedicure. He gives a basic feed and care for your ногтикам. It includes отмокание hands and feet in soapy water. This process softens the cornified skin(especially important for pedicure, because on the feet skin dries faster, especially in summer), which after much easier to remove. After the nails are cut to the desired length, nail file is made form. This should be followed by a massage with moisturizing creams or oils. Next, you can either choose nail nail the desired shade (it is put on a protective basis under the lacquer to protect the plate from the negative impact of acetone in the composition of lacquer for nail), or you can stay on polishing nail – that is if you want a natural manicure.


Французский маникюр или французский педикюр2. French manicure or French pedicure – perhaps the most common and popular type of manicure among women. In fact, French manicure – this is only the final stage classic. That is, after all cleansing and moisturizing procedures, instead of polishing or varnish done French manicure. Nail plate is covered with varnish pastel shades, after which the free edge nail painted white varnish or paint (for smooth smile line insufficient experience, you can use special form).

And regardless of the length and shape you have chosen – French manicure will looks perfect on your arms and legs.

Французский маникюр или французский педикюр3. SPA manicure – this type of manicure usually takes longer and costs more than other types of manicure and pedicure. Nails and hands, feet get the whole list of rejuvenating, cleansing and rejuvenating treatments. It is a very nice complex, providing a relaxing effect. In different salons list of procedures and ingredients differ from each other in order to make them special and stand out against other nail salons.

Парафинотерапия4. Paraffinotherapy. Paraffin is waxy substance that is used to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. Usually, paraffin used special trays, which is heated paraffin (cold it hard), and then support it in a certain temperature. The procedure also includes relaxing massage.

Now, knowing the kinds of manicure and pedicure, you will be easier to determine the choice of the desired procedures when visiting manicure or SPA. Rates for a manicure and pedicure may vary, depending on the status of the cabin, as well as from the funds that are used in procedures. So before you choose the type of manicure or pedicure – carefully read the price list of the salon.

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