Trendy nail Polish – fall-winter 2013-2014

Модный маникюр осень-зима 2013-2014 фотоHand care – an integral part of care for yourself beloved. Groomed hands are able to spoil the appearance of even the most attractive and fashionable beauties. Without a well-made nail Polish does not happen manicured fingers. The color is also important, which are painted nails. He may be chosen to match the clothes or accessories, harmonizing with them, and may, on the contrary, glaringly conspicuous. It all depends on individual choice, which significantly affected by changes in fashion. From season to season fashionable color trends regarding the nail nail undergoing change, so girls who want to be always on the wave of fashion, you need to be aware of what color nail Polish nail considered fashionable in this season and what nail design in autumn 2013 year is the most relevant.For the autumn season the most suitable classic dark colors such as black, dark grey, dark blue, maroon and red. And for nail design in autumn 2013 year of relevance are these colors.

дизайн ногтей осень 2013 фотоAs is known, classic exists outside of time, because always relevant, which explains its popularity. Classic parts may be present, and the clothing and make-up. Nail design does not remain aloof. The most firmly holding the position of classic – French manicure. According to the majority of the ladies, this is the most practical and versatile option nail design. Nails in autumn 2013 the year will still look great bearing the French manicure. However, nail design called «French» in autumn 2013 year разнообразится different creative options.

дизайн ногтей осень 2013 фото френчNot so new, but still the current version of the French manicure – basis leave also coloured in pastel colors, and the tips nail the so-called «smile», do not white and other colors. For example, nail design with the French manicure in autumn 2013 the year will turn «metallic» colours: silver, gold, chromium, copper. These colors make the nails more festive.
In colours French manicure in autumn 2013 the year will see global changes. Fashionable trend will use for French bright colors, разукрашивая «smile» in purple, blue, red and even black. So classics turns into a fashion trend, when the classic French loses all sorts of frames in the use of color.

французский маникюр осень 2013 фото

французский маникюр осень 2013 фото

французский маникюр осень 2013 фото           Fashion nails in autumn 2013 the year is not limited only jacket. «Autumn» nail design blossom bright autumn colors: purple, brown, Golden ocher, plum, blue, grey, Siena, vinous and ultramarine and blue. Most of the colors are vibrant and enough darkish, therefore, to put their best on your nails short nail the plate. But it should be remembered that these colors are fine emphasize all the drawbacks of poor quality manicure. Remember, if you decide to apply on the nail varnish saturated dark colors, you should be confident in the quality of her manicure.
The most actual for manicure autumn 2013 year becomes black. Stylish looks Matt lacquer black, especially if it is applied on the nails with a rounded tip.

ногти осень 2013 фото            The second most popular place in the autumn-winter season takes nail nail bright red colour. The grey autumn days dangerous, inviting blood red awakens imagination and add brightness to the usual grey ordinariness. On the nails will look great all shades of red: and Burgundy, and coral, and dark red.

ногти осень 2013 фото

дизайн ногтей 2013 осень
дизайн ногтей 2013 осеньVery popular now enjoys style «nood look», including in the nail design. In the palette of this style are pale peach, pink, Nude, ivory and pale beige color, which so organically and naturally look on the nails. These colors are perfectly suited to young girls. In General, fashionable nail design in autumn 2013 the year will tend to natural naturalness, which will gain relevance color grey, brown and khaki.

осенний дизайн ногтей 2013 фото

осенний дизайн ногтей 2013 фото
осенний дизайн ногтей 2013 фото           With the advent of new 2014 force will acquire a new symbol – the Water Horse. So for Christmas parties are ideal shades of plum, purple, and blue colors.

ногти осень 2013 фотоFor the autumn-winter season 2014 more suited cool shades. But among all this cold is so pleasant to remember about summer! So do not be too far to hide summer lucky for nail the bright orange and yellow, which are among the autumn slush will look very exotic, Recalling the sun and summer денечках!
By the way, metallic luster topical and not only in the French manicure. These ladies can afford to completely cover the nails are polished steel color, just be sure to note the selection of clothing, accessories and makeup.

осенний дизайн ногтей 2013 фото

осенний дизайн ногтей 2013 фото
французский маникюр осень 2013 фото

дизайн ногтей 2013 осень          Nail design in autumn 2013 year with various color solutions. The variety of fashion trends color in nail art allows every woman to be fashionable, while maintaining their individuality.

The paper draws on the work of the master of manicure Love Якушевой-Zorina.

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