The tape hair extensions

Ленточное наращивание волосThe tape hair extensions  has a fairly simple technology of work. It is considered the easiest and the safest of all the hair extension technologies. It is possible to do both at home and in hairdressing salons. The essence of the build is that each strand of donor hair is attached to a special ribbon. Silicon or acrylic. It depends on what technology ribbon capacity hair applies.  The tape is attached to your hair, away from the roots of the hair about three millimeters. Its cover a special tool for gluing. The composition of the adhesive is safe, since it includes the same components that present in the hair. His formula besides caring for the beauty of the hair. After extension selected donor hair merge with hair recipient. In General, distinguish real hair from accrued simply impossible.

Tape capacity hair photo.  On the photo enough to see what the result comes out in a couple of hours of painstaking work. Anyone just can’t leave indifferent

Tape capacity hair video. For those, who decided at home make yourself a building, perfectly suited for video lessons. Here very clearly all explained and illustrated.

Very often many girls who decide to capacity, an important choice. Do tape or capsule hair extensions? Clearly on this question cannot be answered. Everyone has their own preference and opinion. But certainly we can say hair after the ribbon capacity not subject to such abundant precipitation. It is important that the tape technology is based on beauty and care.

Tape capacity hair reviews received only positive. Many people just love them. For example, here is an excerpt withdrawal of one of the holders of such hair, my friend Mary:

«Quite a long time stackable hair … You know. And just decided to try a brand new thing, which recently appeared in our city . Tape capacity. For me it was very important procedure. And now, finally, I decided. And, can you imagine – I was very happy! Lенточное increase in the short hair. Still not Narada. Sincerely, Mary.»

Currently correction tape hair extension is possible with the help of special solutions, which contain several oils. They are lubricated mounting and after that the donor hair is very easy to remove.

Modern technologies ribbon capacity are constantly creating something new. So, one of these innovations is the tape hair extensions hair talk.  This technology is that the same material can be used many times. And it takes not more than forty minutes.
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