The shape of nails “Soft square” – is a universal solution

Форма ногтей «Мягкий квадрат» - универсальное решение

There are several design options of the nail plate when performing nail treatments. Most popular nail shape “square”. Such nails can be painted in any color, choose any design for your nails, perform classic French and so Important to consider the type of hands, because hands full with short fingers square shape of the nail is inappropriate (visually shortens, makes your hands messy).

Shape soft square has developed a masters of nail service to attract customers to new ideas. This form combines a square and a simple oval, beautiful and convenient form relished almost all women.

The visual appeal of hands with square shape nails depends on the correct execution. It is necessary to observe a few simple rules. The square shape of the nail plate better and more practical suitable for natural nails, the length of which does not exceed More than 3-5 mm. long nails will quickly break down and cling to objects and clothing.

Форма ногтей «Мягкий квадрат» - универсальное решение

It is best to choose the form of soft square, by the way, this form is suitable for natural nails and artificial. “Soft square” refers to the rounded corners of the nail plate, this form does not weigh down your nails, longer worn, corners not cleave, and take care of these nails is not difficult. Nail form soft square suitable for brittle and delicate nails.

Shaping the nails must be “dry”, that is, before to soak the fingers in the bath so that the nails not to peel. For drinking, use a nail file medium abrasiveness of 200-240 grit and movements are carried out only in one direction.

Форма ногтей «Мягкий квадрат» - универсальное решение

All the nails equate to shortest, that they were identical. When the nails are decorated in the form of a soft square, the surface needs to be processed polisher, so to speak to raze all the flaws. Pay special attention to the edge of the nails to avoid burrs.

Correct corners of the nails to come out only when all the movements done smoothly and without pressure on the nail file. Otherwise, instead of a soft, square will get a simple oval, but it is not for us. Find the right nail file.

Форма ногтей «Мягкий квадрат» - универсальное решение

After proper and quality performance shape soft square, the procedures for removing cuticles, you can apply a protective coating on the nail plate. In specialty stores for nail service you will find a special coating. They can be with different properties: firming, protective, healing, vitamins, etc. For extension nails you can use a simple coating, as long as it was glossy. This coating does not prevent to apply any design.

Форма ногтей «Мягкий квадрат» - универсальное решение

Soft square shape nail with universal possibilities for designs. Try it, make a shape on your nails and you will feel all of its charm!

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