The procedure of gluing nails

There are cases that before some important event in fingernails may not be very favorable condition, or one of the nails could be broken. No need to panic and run to the salon: the situation can be remedied at home using stickers, rhinestones, and invoices . They will not only gain a new view, but the money will remain in your wallet.

Nowadays there are various options to impart a beautiful view. Salons offer a capacity, either acrylic or gel coating, more info can be found here – The novelty in this area – stickers Minx, based on the thermal tape. But besides these there are other options that provide excellent results, even without leaving your home.

The gluing procedure is quite simple if you follow certain rules and guidelines. Before you start gluing, they must be carefully prepared. You should get a manicure, get rid of the burrs and push back the cuticle. You can also trim or file your nails. The choice of material is quite extensive, it all depends on goals and desires.

The process of gluing the nails

For the original nails for one night is perfect stickers. If you need more time, then the best choice will be applied. You can also just color to paint and add a few touches that will make your nails beautiful, as after visiting the salon.

Overhead, having self-adhesive properties, are not made with glue, and using intermediate adhesive plate. They are made from a fairly dense material. At the beginning of the procedure, you must choose the right form of coverage which will fit the shape of the natural. The same approach should be applied to the adhesive strip. Usually on each label there is a number that indicates the corresponding invoice the nail.

Need to take off the plastics strip, then the sticky side to place it in the center of dry nail. Opening an adhesive layer, should make appropriate artificial nail and gently put pressure on him. Invoices can last from seven to ten days. They are cured conventional liquid nail Polish remover , then rinsed in hot water.

Rhinestones can be applied with glue or without. Before you begin this procedure, the nails should be painted with several layers of varnish.

By choosing the rhinestone, you need to capture it using the applicator and place it on the not yet fully dried nail Polish. Giving the rhinestone desired position, you should wait for the varnish has dried. These rhinestones will last about two days.

When using glue rhinestones can last about a week. To remove them you need regular liquid nail Polish remover, but without acetone to avoid damage to the decorations and the possibility of their repeated use.

Widespread method of decorating nails using decals and stickers. They are applied without glue and is made of a thin color film.

Before applying should pick up some sticker that will match the prerequisites. Then the sticker should be applied to the nail and a light pressure to spread it across the surface. Extra parts can be removed by using scissors or nail files. To serve this type of jewelry can range from two to seven days and is removed as a normal decal.

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