2 соч серогоEvery woman, carefully following fashion understands the importance of correct combination of colors in the outfit. So well study the NHT photo. You can combine all the colors and shades between them, it is important to do it correctly, and deliberately, depending on the places or situations, whether you want to stand out from the crowd or to impress a certain person.

For starters examine the combination of blue colors in clothing.Use the bright blue color palettes: blue and cream, blue color also flawlessly combined with the color of ivory or light purple tone. If 2соч синего (2)you wish to dilute a blue outfit, you can use gray or brown. Even the blue color matches perfectly with a drop of red tones. To draw attention to themselves by applying the yellow and blue colors in one outfit. Marine shade of blue, it is recommended to combine with white. To create business style you can take a white, metallic and dark blue.

The NHT grey. The ratio of female to grey mixed: some are of the opinion that he’s boring, others recognize it as a sign of elegance. In medieval times clothing grey wore the poorest of the poor. But, with the emergence of expensive fabrics, metallic, and pearl smoky grey tones, this color started to prefer and people of high society.2 соч серого

In today’s market fashion, grey actively used to create business style, also for tailoring of office and casual wear. This color can be considered as a compromise between white and black, so the combination of bright colors with it looks less aggressive than black and more relaxed than in a pair of white.

The combination of brown clothes. This color can be attributed to the group of warm tones, it is associated with earth tone, old age and decay, and in ancient times it was the color of commoners. For this reason, the brown color in its pure form represents the sadness and boredom, but also has its advantages. So, if there is a need to combine the brown color in the outfit, it is important to know that dark colors are not combined with black color, it is better to use light brown shade. Any shades of brown looks perfect tone white and grey tones, it will soften the appearance of the outfit. Mustard color combination in clothing requires the same combination rules. If you wish to add the image of fury you can apply lemon or coral color, these shades can in General be considered universal. 2 сояч корич еще2соч корич

The combination of colors in red clothes. Classics: red with brown – the elegance and solidity of a single image. For example, to dress brown “played”, add the accessory as a red strap. This will give the dress of nobility and elegance.The combination of the purple color in clothing with a red can also be considered flawless, because the farther away from the red tone is combined with the shade, the contrast looks of their Union. The combination of green color in clothing with red elements is a contentious issue, the multiple number of designers recognize this Duo is the height of bad taste, but if you look at it from the side of nature, then this is the perfect combination of, for example, Tulip red or rose flawless look with green leaves. In creating a harmonious combinations of green with red tones important shades of combining colors. Looks perfect combination of red with the color of a sea wave or dark green, and deep red with a touch of turquoise.

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