The longest nails in the world at my feet

самые длинные ногти в мире на ногах фотоNails on human hands and feet are the analogy Horny plates fingertips on the limbs of primates, covering the back side of them. The appearance of the nails can give an idea of what diseases plagued the body of a person. Most often, looking at the condition of your nails, you can say, ill do people with tuberculosis, psoriasis, cancer diseases, bronchitis or suffers from a lack necessary for normal functioning of microelements.

This may tell us and the long nails in the world at his feet. Not so easy to meet today nails of women, not covered with a varnish. Ladies growing them and paint all rainbow colors to attract attention and emphasize the views of other people on the beauty of his toes. Although for some women the main thing is to follow the fashion trends, and they long fingernails grow their not perfect hands with thick, curved and short fingers.

View such manicure, to put it mildly, not very attractive and aesthetically pleasing. But the hardest beautiful to name the longest nails in the world at his feet. For example, Louise Hollis, living in a small town Compton California went further than others, it cultivates long nails not only how many hands, but also on his feet. She is the winner of the longest toenails – long each nail on the average 16 centimeters and counting the total length of the toenails can be gasp – it is equal to 2.25 meters.

How can it be normal to continue their own livelihoods, when you have the most long nails in the world at his feet photo shocking. In recognition Louise her life is not easy. The first thing that happens here is the care of her husband’s family, who did not want to sympathize with her passion. She was left alone to raise twelve children. Although occurred, it would seem that sad event didn’t stop her. Now Louise lives in a big family, a favorite among children and grandchildren, who are pleased to assist in the thorough care of nails. Therefore, the long nails in the world at his feet photo of many interested in your grooming. The second is the discomfort while walking and when choosing shoes.

Louisa must be constantly on their feet to buy open shoes with high soles of around 8 to 16 cm, it remains only to guess how she felt during the winter walks. At such moments, Louisa, you will not envy. Although recently, her life has eased a bit by the fact that it was presented as a gift to a special heat-insulated boots with sewn in front of the castle, and cut off his nose. And now the people shocking length of nails on your toes there is a chance to go out on the street in the winter and to stay with not frostbitten fingers.

самые длинные ноги в мире фото And the longest legs in the world Guinness book of records confirms that Svetlana Pankratova. The former basketball player is the winner of 132 centimeter foot in their own growth 1,95 m was born Svetlana Pankratova in 1971 in the Russian city of Volgograd. Then she was already the highest of all children in the kindergarten. In his youth legs lot delivered to the girl grief, often she was teased. But now she is proud that she has the longest legs in the world photo.

Mommy was always puzzled by the question of choice of clothing size for my daughter. Girlfriend Svetlana in 2002 suggested that Pankratova possible and is the owner of the longest legs in the world. Six years documentation and the assumption that the longest legs in the world photo by Svetlana Pankratova confirmed by Guinness world records. The girl has the longest legs in the world Guinness book of records confirms this dignity athletes.

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