The Golden thread

Золотая нитьAt the first appearance of wrinkles, I want to quickly somehow get rid of them. The course is expensive cosmetics, various creams or gels with lifting effect. Such creams can help only superficially to solve problems, to remove fine wrinkles, but remove the more deep wrinkles will not be able. All want to look young, and do not want to grow old. You should contact a specialist who will be able to suggest a better method of elimination of the problems.

A good option is treatment with gold thread. Such threads can be used in places such as the scope of the arms, legs, neck, face. It is important to know that such threads will not be able to eliminate cellulite and remove Jyrki.

The Golden thread is widely used in cosmetology for many years, has his trial, and is connected with polyglycolic thread for durability. This procedure is good for facial rejuvenation, because not all decided to have plastic surgery, then long and very long to recover.

So, using Golden thread for the face , you can forget about the operations. After this procedure, you can remove sagging skin will be elastic, tighten and will appear tone. This procedure less traumatic, compared to plastic surgery.

There are some restrictions on age, the Golden thread in cosmetology it is advisable to use from 35 to 45 years in this age still produces collagen. Lifting gold threads promotes rejuvenation, but can not prevent aging. After the procedure, a person looks natural, facial features are saved and does not change, and the person doesn’t look like porcelain and without facial expressions. This method does not cause allergies, very ideal for people allergic to which many procedures are not applicable.

Spend this procedure in the salon, specialist clears the face or other part, causes the marks on the skin, then injects drugs to numb. Using a special needle to puncture and entered the thread under the skin in the form of a grid. Such threads are locked inside tied uzelochki, over time, they dispersed, about a few months. The final result of the treatment can be seen in 6 months.

Following the procedure, the expert will give specific recommendations, it is impossible to be sleeping on the stomach, visit the Solarium or steam bath, massage, sunbathing. You can use some cream that will specialist. Gold thread, the price depends on the zone, from 25,000 roubles and above. These Golden thread in cosmetology price, depends on you, probably, not everyone is satisfied, but the result is not for one year.Gold threads photo you can see how it looks like this procedure, see direction of the thread.

Золотые нити фотоThe Golden thread before and after you can also see how it has changed the face, pulled himself up to become elastic.

Золотая нитьGolden threads reviews photo, you can see beautiful and toned face, no wrinkles. There appeared a clear line.
The Golden thread in cosmetology photo.

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