Thai foot massage

Тайский массаж стопThai foot massage – this incredible healing, comfortable, pleasant and relaxing treatment. This massage warns that diagnoses and treats all diseases, relaxes, improves mood, reduces swelling of the feet, calves and ankles.

Thai foot massage has a beneficial effect when:
– respiratory diseases;
– local diseases of the thighs, ankles, knees and feet;
– disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
– the blood circulation;
– fluid retention in the body;
neuralgia, headache;
– violation of the menstrual cycle;
– anxiety and serdcebienie;
– stress.

Very often Thai foot massage on the other called “lazy yogi”. Some exercises are very strongly reminiscent of yoga exercises, the only difference is that the exercise does not itself the client and the therapist.

Thais-masseurs not use any device, they alternately much pressure on the muscles and soften them. Then stretch in the joints of the foot, which improves the permeability of capillaries and blood supply. Sometimes some of the steps are performed using the massage stick, which provides the most profound impact on the reflex points of the feet.

Description of the Thai foot massage.

At the initial stage it is necessary to prepare foot to the effects. The client lies half-lying on his back, arms stretched along the body, legs fall apart. The therapist makes on the inner edge of the foot pressing movements simultaneously with both hands. The muscles of the foot up and pulled a thigh muscle. Dividing your body weight in two feet evenly, you can exert pressure, gently swaying back and forth. The next stage is the pressure massage therapist on the outer edge of the foot. Strong press is running on a plot of feet under the joint, as the fingers inward-looking. Then attached force crossed on foot. There is no need deep pressure, the main goal be directed at improving the mobility of joints. Further there is compression of the entire length of the foot to warm up the muscles have not fallen. Next, perform stretching your fingers back and up. At this point, stuck to his feet are relaxed. Then arches all fingers up and down. This has a positive effect on the ankle joints. In the next stage followed by a massage of each foot fast and deep presses down. At this stage normalizes the female cycle, stops headache and regulates the functioning of the prostate. Completed the last stage of twisting the foot. Fingers and the heels slightly tap, which facilitates the legs under the fast track and the long walk.

Contraindications Thai massage and precautions:
– people in the procedure must not lie completely;
– do not change the precision and consistency of methods;
– to start a massage can just an hour after a meal;
– massage should be done immediately on both feet;
– massage should be no more than 1.5 hours;
– before to do massage, people should remove emotional stress and be quiet.

Foot massage perfectly restores circulation of vital energy throughout the body. And it is desirable to learn to do it myself, because Thai foot massage should be done daily, especially those who vigorously pursues a day. And it helps to stretch your hip joints and lower back that this is a key to your health. And last, training Thai foot massage is not difficult.

Training takes 2 days to several hours. Each student will receive a guide with photos, diagrams, detailed description of all these techniques, and also videodisc, which will help in future to use it for self-study. Good luck and success to you to possess this wonderful art!

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