Sugar scrub

Сахарный скрабTo prepare sugar body scrub you will need to be a sweet, lover of different scents and oils. Sugar scrub at home to do very simple, and it absolutely will not differ from the purchase.

Sugar crab body is a great tool because it gently cleanses the skin without damaging it. One of the types of scrubs is ice sugar body scrub cleanses the skin, helps to heal pimples and blackheads. Also separately use a sugar scrub for lips, which is a little different on cooking techniques, but has the same useful properties as regular body scrub. When you make a sugar scrub with your hands, you will see that it is not only perfectly bilingual and exfoliates, but also gives satisfaction on an aesthetic level. After you apply sugar scrub, the skin is striking in its updated and external condition.

Benefit from sugar scrub

Of course making your own sugar scrub recipe which you will take with the Internet or other information sources you will see the undeniable benefits for your body, namely:

the skin gets a fresh look, cleaned and filled with radiance from within.
particle, which contains the scrub to massage your body, it gently cleansing, eliminates dead particles and open pores.
– using a sugar scrub for the face you will appreciate the result.
– one of the types of soap sugar scrub, antibacterial properties.
– you profitable will save, if you are going to do a sugar and salt scrub at home.

So, in order to know how to make sugar scrub, you need to properly navigate the proportions, because their coderjanie is a key element. Sugar scrub cellulite is a great tool that will save you from orange peel, cellulite and its manifestations.

To prepare sugar body scrub you will need to take the sugar and oil. You can follow the example of the following options:

scrub with raspberries. Crushed raspberries, sugar and olive or almond oil.
dessert with chocolate. Cocoa and sugar in equal proportions, add the cream.
– oatmeal. Oatmeal grind in a blender. Add honey or coffee, and sugar. This is a great scrub to nourish the skin and clean it.
– hot. Very popular, because it gathers the most positive reviews online. It should be made of red and black pepper, which are mixed in the proportions of sugar and olive oil. This scrub gets rid of cellulite, because it rubbing promotes lipolysis and camp particles.
scrub bath. This scrub is made on the basis of honey, salt and sugar. It promotes blood circulation and blood circulation. Perfectly warms up the body.
scrub cooling. This type of scrub made from sugar and peppermint oil and menthol.

When using scrubs need to consider the fact that they have certain rules. Before you are going to put on a skin scrub, you need to be concerned about its cleansing, apply the product only circular massage movements. Especially carefully treat dry skin, because they are going Rogovaya particles.

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