Strawberry on nails

клубника на ногтях фото Delicious fruits that local summer sun, wrapped his warmth. Such bright and juicy. They always return our thoughts on vacation, at sea and in the tropical countries, even if the street is gloomy and cold day. We love them all there. They are a rare combination of usefulness and taste. Working in the office or while on the country site, we always want to add to your stay a little fruity energy. If you are a big fan of fruits or just love to please yourself and others cheerful and bright manicure, nail design strawberry photo created just for you. This manicure also called a kind of fruit manicure, so as to draw on the nails you can even apples with oranges, most importantly, what would they look good and… edible.

So, if you wanted the Queen June fruits, strawberries and you even ready to turn your own nails in the TAC this fruit, you have an easy way to draw these berries on the nail plates.

клубника на ногтях фото

клубника на ногтях фотоNail design strawberry photo impossible in the absence of special brushes and paints. The requirements here are simple: two different thickness of the brush and 4 varnish different colors. Choose lucky for that Matt and clean pure colors. Many are immediately two main questions: in what order to apply a colored layers on the nail and how to draw a strawberry on the nails? Strawberry on the nails can be a solid picture or to take the edge of the nail with a French manicure. The only difference will be that the latter type of fruit design is appropriate even at work.

клубника на ногтях фотоIf strawberries on nails photo you like bright, “Hawaiian” variant, it is necessary to paint the nails. Strawberry on the nail starts off with the basics, which is transparent varnish. Then on the dried up surface put a red matte varnish. After drying, using a fine brush gently put black spots on the entire red surface. They must also be matte color. Give to the paint to dry. A nail base with green matte varnish we draw a strawberry crown. To do this, take a brush larger and smooth, sawtooth strokes apply varnish. Using green lacquer we also draw long strawberry curls, part of the young plants. Do it slowly, preferably one, loop-like stroke. Allow to dry out our “berries”, and then you can proceed to the drawing of the little strawberry color at the base. For this we will need a small brush and a little white lacquer. With two white dots varnish we form a four-petal. If you want, you can make and middle of yellow varnish. If not, then you can use any other Matt varnish in Sunny palette of colors. When the color composition is dry and ready on your strawberries on your nails, you can proceed to the final stage of any painting. To apply nail hardener flicker or simple. Allow to dry up or use drying nail, and finally, you can enjoy our succulent manicure. It is not only in bright colors and pleasant associations. This figure strawberries on nails really simple. It is much easier for any floral design and does not demand long training for what would be your berry look good. Yes and means for its creation should use the bare minimum. So read the article, make berry manicure and enjoy the fruits!

клубника на ногтях фото

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