Spring ideas for French manicure

franch-springNeil industry in recent years developed a surprisingly fast. Change is relevant, and French manicure. Subtle shades that are in the trend in winter, popular today. Try not to paint the tips of nails with white paint, and paint in pastel shades such as pink, lavender, peppermint, lemon or peach. Nail plate in a manicure should be covered with clear varnish.

Nail tip line can be triangular or straight, that is, it does not matter whether it follows the natural line. French manicure is now used in numerous variations. Can be combined by the colors that contrast with each other in saturation or hue. Also allowed to alternate color base or lines. The mass of options. In addition, the girls on fashion shows using not only one line in the jacket, but two. This is when the main line is duplicated on the edge feature thin gold or silver finish.

Manufacturers of nail polish in recent years invented many new formulas for paints textures. Modern beauty always have the opportunity to use advanced gadgets. Therefore it is possible to beat it in the performance of the French manicure. Take glossy and matte varnish similar shades. Can also be carried on the tip of the nail plate glitter or matte finish. Manicure and get the original, stylish and very “spring”!

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