Soda for weight loss

Сода для похуденияPeople make up a lot of unusual and the most incredible ways to combat obesity-drink diuretic, laxative, and some vinegar to drink.” For many words that baking soda can help with weight loss seem ridiculous and implausible. But actually it not so. Soda consists of a substance sodium bicarbonate, which helps to reduce the excess weight but is worth a penny, especially in comparison with other means of weight loss. In this article I want to tell you how to use baking soda to not cause harm to the body.

How to lose weight using soda?

Losing weight with the help of soda is based on the perceptions of soda baths. During such procedures relaxed body, the nervous system is cleared from the negativity that you have accumulated for the whole day. But this, of course, not all the benefits. For those 20-25 minutes that you have a bath, accelerate the processes of lymphatic blood system and moderate decreases in body weight. So, after one soda a bath you can reset of 0.5-1.5 kg. But this does not mean that your body fat’re broke up.

Beautiful effect is achieved with combination of baking soda and sea salt. Add this mixture to the water to take a bath, and a procedure will help you to normalize the body’s water balance, activate all metabolic processes, output via the skin of toxins and wastes. The secret to weight loss with soda simple. When exposed to high temperature water body, seeks to protect itself, starts the mechanism of sweat. And the more this process occurs in the alkalized environment, which is formed when dissolved soda and salt in the water. In the end, the excess liquid and accumulated «harm» (but not subcutaneous fat!) leave your body.

But one should not believe that the lost you come back. So, if you with the evening take a bath, and in the morning return to its normal sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition, made on the eve of the effect is negated, and the struggle for harmony have to start from the beginning.

One more pleasant moment. When you practice losing weight with the help of drinking soda, soften your skin and cellulite noticeably decrease. But you should remember that you need not a one-time procedure – the effect can be seen only after the 20-day course consisting of the baths taken in a day. And to sodium bicarbonate continued «to work after the end of the water procedures, rinse your body after a bath not just Pat the body with a soft towel, put on a warm Bathrobe, wrap yourself in a blanket and have a Cup of hot herbal decoction or tea.

Important! Among other things, soda has an even and whitening effect. So if you are proud of their chocolate sunburn, you are likely the result is not very satisfying. To tan skin has subsided enough even one procedure.

Any tool for weight loss has its contraindications, and soda is not an exception . Do not use the bath with her when:

  • pregnancy and лактационном period;
  • hypertension;
  • skin diseases
  • open wounds on the body;
  • hypertension;
  • diabetes;
  • menstruation;
  • individual intolerance of sodium bicarbonate.

How to drink soda for weight loss and should we do it?

That soda helps to lose weight and how she does it, we already explained. But where are becoming more and more notes about a miraculous жиросжигающем drink with baking soda? Prepare tool in the following way. In a glass of water to dilute the tea spoon soda. It is difficult to imagine that doctors recommend baking soda for use inside. One time, however, thought that this solution helps with heartburn. Today, however, proved that the reception of such a «home» means only aggravates the situation. The acidity of the stomach is reduced only for a short time, after which increases even more. As the result, acute gastrointestinal disease, rupture of the walls of the duodenum, bleeding from her…

The negative impact of drinking soda affects directly on losing weight. In the stomach after drinking this drink, as we just talked about, creates an acidic environment. And it greatly disturbs the process of digestion. Fats, of course, it faster absorbed will not be, but slower too. So don’t believe the next result virtual myth-making and expose your health at serious risk. Just use the bath with soda as a Supplement to a low-calorie diet and an active physical exercise, and even after a month, you make sure that this stuff really helps to loose weight.

Testimonials from those who have used baking soda for weight loss

Elena, 28 years. «Delightful» properties of the drink with soda I immediately questioned. At that moment I was sure that «necessity is the mother of invention» and this substance no way at all to get in touch with the process of losing weight. Then I heard from a friend that she is «sitting» in bathes with soda and salt. A month later we have already chosen for her clothing store two sizes smaller. Of course, this way for people hardy and purposeful. So, a friend of the village simultaneously with water treatments on a diet Saucer.

Alevtina, 31. «Took» a tool for weight loss – soda, dissolved in water. Five days tormented his miserable body. Now my «best friend» – gastroenterologist. Fat, by the way, then nowhere left, and no one kilogram from my body. Now heal and I’ll try to have a course of soda baths. And while I sit on a special medical sparing diet and already a little bit of weight.

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