Shellac winter

шеллак зима 2015 фото

For several years shellac clings to the peak of popularity and maintains its leadership position. Moreover, slowly beginning to overshadow the nail. I would like to consider manicure shellac winter 2015 in more detail.

So, as you know, manicure can tell a lot about a girl and her mood. Every girl dreams about is to cover the nail varnish and forget it for a long time, but it doesn’t work, because the house chores, constant contact with water, playing with children, and similar activities adversely affect the coating, varnish does not stand up and crack in a short time. In the modern market shop, you can find anything: acrylic nails, gel extensions, and now the shellac.

шеллак зима 2015 фото

шеллак зима 2015 фото

маникюр 2015 зима шеллак фото

маникюр 2015 зима шеллак фотоShellac winter is a wonderful invention, no frost will not be able to shorten the period of life of the manicure. And its unusual features include the fact that this nail Polish and gel in one tube. For this reason, there is no need to increase the nails, simply apply on the nail color coating. It stays on the nails for a long time, also nourishes the nail plate nutrients. Yet it is worth noting that to date, the production of this coverage is growing rapidly and will not stop. Therefore, the most important to be fashionable manicure shellac winter 2015.

What is shellac and how it is made. Shellac looks on nogatech richer any varnish, even if the execution of the French. Colors offered by the manufacturer, consists of all the colors of the rainbow, also, necessarily includes the most appropriate colors shellac winter 2015 photo.

маникюр 2015 зима шеллак фото

маникюр 2015 зима шеллак фотоNail design shellac winter 2015 is best done in the salon, because even with all the necessary tools you have even the smallest experience. This material does not freeze yourself, only under the influence of ultraviolet rays UV lamp.

At first glance, the procedure is quite easy, but consists of several stages and takes some time:

– preparation of the nail consists of the removal of the cuticle and processing of the form;

– polishing and disinfection (disinfection also has a defatting effect);

the first base layer is applied by a special technique and is fixed using a UV lamp (for 25 seconds drying one’s fingernail, immediately after coating);

– apply one layer of color coating, drying artificial UV rays;

– the application of the shellac – the last layer. Edge of the nail you on the edge of the seal fixing rays UV lamp;

– in the presence of defects and excess varnish should all be removed. The cuticle is desirable to apply the oil, so it hasn’t dried up.

маникюр 2015 зима шеллак фото

маникюр 2015 зима шеллак фото

маникюр 2015 зима шеллак фотоManicure 2015 winter shellac photo – procedure is not easy, so if you are not confident in their abilities, it is better to entrust it to a professional.

ØAllac for the winter photo and its main advantages:

– the opportunity to grow nails – if you suffer from brittle nails, with this coverage, your problem will be solved. Nails will become stronger, and under the protective coating layer will not exfoliate and break down, which will contribute to their rapid growth;

– for a long time, flawless manicure lasts about three weeks, the coating resists chemicals, and does not interact with water;

incredible Shine, which defies time and looks flawless throughout the period socks manicure;

– great colours – manufacturers have made multiple gel varnish variety of colors, what is not stopped, the color range is growing rapidly.

маникюр 2015 зима шеллак фото

маникюр 2015 зима шеллак фото

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