Semi-permanent mascara

Полуперманентная тушь для ресницToday there is a new modern semi-permanent ink with which each owner of a gorgeous eyelashes can a month to go with a beautiful eyelashes and not to paint them.

Semi-permanent ink is such a mascara that when applied last for 2-3 weeks and with proper coloring eyelashes will be 10-15 % longer and 30-40 % thicker.

This mascara visually make them look much more beautiful and expressive.

Dignity is semi-permanent ink:
the ink does not prevent the eyes and does not harm the eyelashes.
– no need to touch up eyelashes, which saves time;
– it looks great as the evening make-up and a day.
– ink can be painted as accrued and natural lashes.

Application of semi-permanent carcasses.

In General the procedure for covering semi-permanent carcass is twenty minutes to an hour.

Application of semi-permanent carcass – procedure easy, but very important, so it is conducted in beauty salons. Also you can be trained on this service and to open my own salon. Training on semi-permanent carcass is 1 day, about 4 hours and receive a certificate.

The procedure for applying semi-permanent carcass is:

The girl lay down on the couch. First of all eyelids remove make-up of the special means, in which structure there is no oil. Put halogen lining under the lower eyelid to have been covered with lids. This is necessary in order not to damage the sensitive skin under the eyes and separate the lower lashes. With the help of special tools primer and microstock upper lashes degrease. This will ensure the reliable fastening of the eyelashes with mascara. Then disposable brush specialist brushing her eyelashes scrolling movements. If you wish to make bio waving lashes, just on this stage it is possible to do. Procedure for applying semi-permanent ink and bio waving eyelashes can be combined and the result will be much better. Curling eyelashes is a special Curling, heated to the desired temperature. Then cilia again comb. Then begins painting semi-permanent ink. Does the ink and is applied using microstock on the inner part of the lashes from roots to ends. Apply very quickly, such as the ink dries instantly. The roots of the eyelashes are not affected. After covering mascara eyelashes share fine tweezers. Now covered with ink the outer part of the upper lashes and share them. Allow to dry for 2-3 minutes. You can optionally client semi-permanent ink to be applied several times to create an additional volume. Then everything you do the same on the lower lashes: degrease eyelashes, comb, make bio waving and put a semi-permanent ink. After the procedure, remove mikrosetki residues and rubbed the skin.

After visiting the salon who took advantage of this service, there are a few rules:
The first 2 hours not touch the eyes.
The first two days of the eye should not be in contact with water and steam, avoid physical exertion.

If you want to ensure a long lasting effect, you need to consider some points:
– do not RUB eyes;
– do not use carers fat-containing tools for the eyes;
– no sleep face down.

Lena 28 years old: I Have blond eyelashes. I often turn to the salon to paint them. In the salon me my cosmetologist advised semi-permanent ink of Mascara, which will keep for approximately 2 weeks. And said that will not flake off and stick together. Also lengthens the cilia and distributes. I was interested in it. I asked where it is sold and how much it costs. I was told that it is not for sale. It deals only specialist in the salons, which was trained. I agreed. And now 1.5 weeks I can not get enough. No need to wear makeup in the morning and to shoot them with ink in the evenings. I get up, and my eyes are already beautiful.

Natasha 30 years: Going for the procedure, I was expecting a smart long and expressive thick lashes. But no. I want to say that all advantages of the semi-permanent carcasses are no different from good quality carcasses. Sakraste eyes and look at yourself in the mirror. The effect will be the same from semi-permanent ink. Just the difference is that we should not paint the eyes each morning. But in General I am satisfied with semi-permanent ink. I’m happy with.
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