Sealing nail in detail

Запечатывание ногтей в деталях

Sealing nail is a common cosmetic procedure. After sealing nail will be healthier, stronger, have a natural Shine and for 30 days will not exfoliate. In what situations, use the procedure of sealing nail and so if it is useful as they say?

Natural nails after various coatings, deletions varnish liquid funds, building and removal of nails lose their protective properties, becoming dull and brittle. Problems such as nails stratification of the nail plate, poor growth, dry and brittle nails, thinning of the nail plate after removal of artificial nails to help cope sealing procedure.

Запечатывание ногтей в деталях

Step-by-step sealing technology:

  1. Preparation of nails for the procedure: remove the layers, the reservoir for nail with sea salt, remove cuticle.
  2. With the grinding nail files delete all the bumps.
  3. Sealing – layered rubbing баффером cream, which consists of bee’s wax, mineral additives, mineral oils and vitamins.
  4. Due to friction sawing about the nail plate, the temperature of the nail and all useful substances of cosmetic compositions penetrate the nails. Sealing lasts for 30-40 minutes.
  5. After this procedure, the nails become shiny, beautiful, get healthy color and strength.

Sealing nail in the home

Not necessary to seal the nails in the cabin, it can be done at home by yourself. Materials needed:

  • capacity for soaking hands;
  • warm water;
  • sea salt;
  • wax Polish or cream based beeswax;
  • buff for nail polishing;
  • any flat brush.

Запечатывание ногтей в деталях

Execute procedure:

  1. Remove the cover from the nails, push back cuticles orange stick (cutoff manicure not do.
  2. Prepare the tub with warm water and sea salt soak hands.
  3. Not wiping his hands, polishing is carried out with sea salt (in a separate bowl, chop add salt and a little water) 0.5 minutes on each finger for this phase uses the rough side баффа.
  4. On the nail cream is applied with a brush or wax hand, rubbed smooth side баффа 0.5 minutes each finger. Leftover money, wipe with a soft cloth or tissue paper.

Запечатывание ногтей в деталях

The procedure of sealing nail out at least 1 time per month, course – 3 months, so it will be a positive result. Before you carry out rehabilitation of the nails with sealing remember the following things:

  • long nails sealing not do;
  • after the procedure does not cover the nails decorative coating minimum of 4 days;
  • on the weakened nails must be done very carefully to avoid traumas;
  • is intended for women who want to have healthy and well-groomed hands without decorative coatings;
  • not made immediately after the trim manicure.

Sealing nail can help you align your hands in order to emphasize the natural beauty and health!

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