Rings for nails: a new trend in the nail fashion

Кольца для ногтей: новый тренд в ногтевой моде

Creative thinking masters of nail service no boundaries! It would seem, all invented, but no! In the new season will use an unusual decoration nail – rings to the upper limbs of the fingers. Such an unusual accessory novelty because the girls wear the ring on the base of the fingers and toes. Appearance – ring corresponding hip phalanx and shaped nails.

A new trend?

For the first time an unusual design became popular among the stellar fashionistas, for example: Lady Gaga, Beyonce. On the catwalk show Chanel creative designer Karl Lagerfeld for the first time «dressed up» marigold their models rings for nails. It is such a feature has attracted the attention of even more than the models of the collection.

Кольца для ногтей: новый тренд в ногтевой моде

Not always podium novelties useful in everyday life, but famous stylists recommend all the fashionable women decorate their fingers and toes plenty of accessories. Many rings does not allow a woman to do the usual chores at home or at work (стукать buttons, sort out the paper, take the money, writing ballpoint pens) Yes and hold such rings are not very trustworthy.

How to wear a ring nails?

The highlight of manicure any woman can be a ring on the nail or a few nails, and the rest of the nails do not very bright. Such a design will not leave without attention to any one stylish beauty.

Stores on sale of professional materials for beauty salons offer a variety of rings. The Chanel brand offers concise rings that can compress and decompress on the size of the phalanx. When a ring on finger tight you can go for a walk and other important activities. Rings can be just round, and can mimic the nail.

Кольца для ногтей: новый тренд в ногтевой моде

The variety of rings can choose to suit every taste, form, fit, stylish along etc. the Most ideal option for «strolling» extravagant manicure nightclub, wear such jewelry is not convenient, it is impractical and inappropriate, and some consider it vulgar.

When buying rings for nails it is necessary to take into account the shape and length of the artificial nail (if it is ring). Most often the ideal option decoration is a cover of short nails pastel varnish, and on one nail to put on a ring of gold or metallic tone. «The nail plate», should be significantly higher than at other nails, only so get the desired effect.

Кольца для ногтей: новый тренд в ногтевой моде

Affordable for every

Branded jewelry made of precious metals and stones, this applies to the rings of the nail. Weight of the finished product is not small, therefore the price sky-high. Beauty of simple people do not have a platinum card and considerable money on them will not be able to buy such a fashion accessory. For them there is a discount rings made of plastic or other materials at affordable prices.

Wealthy lady can buy the original ring for nail-art inlaid with precious stones (rubies, sapphires, diamonds and the other). There are sets of rings for all fingers that can be worn together or separately, in the form of dragons, snakes, flowers, butterflies, hearts and other Simple and laconic forms, rings nail suitable for women of all statuses and ages.

Кольца для ногтей: новый тренд в ногтевой моде

Select accessory for nail

Do not buy a ring without trying it or fall or will not fit on her, but even if fit on her bude much to squeeze the finger and violate the blood circulation. The inadequate size ring you can lose or you will need to constantly correct.
You can buy a ring via the Internet, but risk the maximum. If another purchase options no, prepare thoroughly:

  • learn all the data of the Internet-stores selling nail accessories;
  • talk to the Manager by phone or online message;
  • measure the exact data nail phalanx for which you are buying the ring;
  • choose a design and make your order.

Fashion is constantly changing, but perfect appearance, well-groomed hands and beautiful decor nail always in high esteem!

Кольца для ногтей: новый тренд в ногтевой моде

Кольца для ногтей: новый тренд в ногтевой моде

Кольца для ногтей: новый тренд в ногтевой моде

Кольца для ногтей: новый тренд в ногтевой моде


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