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Средство для ногтейThe Internet is littered with numerous masks and medicines for nail art, because in our country there is virtually no girl that would be perfect nails, long, hard and not exfoliating. What to do if the nails have broken almost every day? Is there an ideal tool for nail Polish, which will help once and for all to save you from problems with manicure?

Unfortunately, such an ideal means of that time would have saved from all the problems, does not exist. So let us step by step to deal with pressing problems. So, what are the natural remedies for nail strengthening? Five super-heroes in the fight against brittle nails it: sea salt, lemon, olive oil, iodine and wax. On the Internet you will easily be able to find a lot of recipes with their participation that will make your nails strong and healthy. For example, if you mix in equal proportions wax, honey and olive oil and RUB this warm mass in the nails, very soon they will become strong and beautiful.

For nail tools are different, at least – you can just drink vitamins. Because of brittle nails is to blame in the first place, lack of vitamin D and calcium. But you can resort to cosmetic salons and buy long and beautiful nails in one session – thanks to the acrylic or gel. Here are just such tools often only spoil the nails, so you still have to buy means to care for the nailsto their nails can make you happy with the length and strength.

One of the most vexing problems that occur with nails is a fungus. Means for treatment of nail fungus to acquire quite easily in any pharmacy you will find a lot of drugs. You can use the “grandmother” methods, but better still, make use of the achievements of modern medicine.

If you you need to get quick results, and not to achieve any drug, only way out is increasing. It guarantees fast and long lasting result. In addition, using acrylic or gel you will not only get long, strong nails, but interesting design. You can buy tools for nail yourself, or use one of the many beauty salons in your city. However, after removal of artificial nails you will still have to apply a restorative remedy for nail art, because such procedures are often spoil the nail plate.

There are even such unfortunate cases when due to bad wizard actions between the slip plate and the native nail infection develops. And then have to go to the doctor for a long time, forgetting about the beautiful manicure.

One of the most terrible diseases, psoriasis nails treatment folk remedies helps infrequently. But if you have muddy education on nails, odd grooves or strain, you may have psoriasis. And you can try to cure it with a decoction of leaves of Bay leaf. The course usually lasts a week, with a break for two or three days before full recovery. Your nails should be cut short.

What to do if you are not ready to increase the nails, and want to achieve the same result in a natural way? We advise you to pay attention to the variety of medical and varnishes to choose among them the tool for rapid growth of nails or use those recipes, using which even our grandmothers brought order to their nails. For example, this nourishing ointment: you must mix 4 tablespoons of olive oil calendula, one boiled egg yolk and 1 teaspoon of honey (or wax). Put the honey (or wax) in a glass glass, which you will then need to put in the pot with hot water. When your honey will become soft, add in a glass of calendula oil and egg yolk. The whole mass can be put in a jar from under the cream and RUB it into the nail.

Among the drugs has been proven remedy for nail Trend. If you want to read reviews on these or other means for nails, the online store will give you the opportunity. In many virtual stores you will be able not only to choose the suitable for you tool, but also to read the reviews of other buyers. Also in the online store, you can buy tools for nail acrylic.

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