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Published Ilona Musayeva Date: August 5th, 2015

выпускные платья фотоProm night is one of the most important events in a girl’s life, the day she moves to the next stage of his life. On this day every woman has the desire to look perfect and for this you must choose the right dress, shoes, makeup and hair. But as you know, the choice of dress of the fair half of mankind fit most seriously. So, consider the latest trends and modern styles of prom dresses.
fullEach graduate is faced with a huge selection of prom dresses, from the most common or open to modest dresses. It can also be a prom dress in the Greek style, in this case it is important to choose shoes and makeup, hairstyles and manicures play an important role in completing the image. Choosing a single image, it is necessary to consider specific features of appearance, also the latest trends and the venue.
1306721127_dressEnhance the beauty by using a range of options, for example, you can decorate the outfit ruffles or details with translucent fabric, sequined or lace, you may prefer a deep neckline or a daring neckline. Dresses in the Ukrainian style prom coming year will be held, in most cases, it is in this design. These dresses can be embellished with embroidery or some national element (blue-yellow flag or coat of arms). Evening fashion of the current time romantic, it includes delicate shades, romantic styles and lightweight fabrics. This season the designers shared the view that the more Shine contains a prom dress – the better.
images_196292Prom dresses in the style of the mods are in a kind of candor that includes lace. It is this element perfectly captures the innocent charm combined with a sophisticated seduction. Guipure and lace combine with translucent fabrics. For example, a good idea long ball gown with layered skirt, made of translucent fabrics and lace form-fitting top that reveals her shoulders. Couturier suggest that you abandon the open chest, and legs. Sassy young the fairer half of humanity with a perfect figure you can opt for a short and narrow for strapless dresses.
Prom dresses in the style of rock you can apply girls who want to stand out. For variety, you can also decorate some elements, the main rule is to not “overdo it”.
About cocktail dresses is also possible to use a shining fabric for sewing short outfits. Designed in a minimalist style, outfits of this type attract the eye at the expense of a luxurious shimmering sparkling materials. Quite popular is shining brocade, which has not previously sewed prom dresses. And for those who are not a fan of large amounts of glitter, it is recommended to focus more attention on dresses with glittering embellishments – rhinestones and sequins.
Prom dresses in retro style are annually gaining popularity among today’s graduates, this style can also be considered a style of a good-girl. This deaf bodice, boat neck small size and wide skirt of average length, combined with fashion guipure watercolor shades. And young fans of the style “new look” can a focus on contemporary design – the shorter the dress at the waist with full skirts in two layers and flowers at the neckline.
Dear graduates, remember, the main thing is confidence, and confidence you will feel only the outfit that you like.

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