Principles of application of gel-Polish

Принципы нанесения гель-лака

Gel lacquer – is a worthy and modern replacement of the usual nail Polish. One of the major advantages of gel lacquer is that the nails it lasts about three weeks. Its color will not fade, and the coating does not crack and does not splinter. To color the nails was semi-transparent gel lacquer is applied in one layer, and to obtain a rich and bright colors – for two.

Technology of application of gel-Polish is very simple, but it requires UV lamp without which you can’t do it. So let’s look at how to apply the gel nail to get the desired result.

  • For the beginning it is necessary to prepare for the work of the nails. This is done the same way as in front of the building. When the hands will be ready, on nails applied бондер-gel, thanks to which the nail becomes matte. Бондер-gel should be applied in thin layers, otherwise after a while gel will скалываться. Determine the normal amount of gel nails can be on the following basis: when it will be many, nail begins to Shine. In this case, any excess gel can be removed with a sponge made of foam.
  • Next бондер-gel need a cure for what nails at the moment are placed under UV light (after the dispersion layer is better to leave). But before applying the gel-nail varnish should again strengthen its transparent gel, which dries quickly under the lamp. This layer will be the basis on which will be applied to the gel nail. This procedure is recommended to do and artificial nails, to strengthen them and thereby extend lines of service.
  • So, the nail is covered with dispersion layer of gel – he’s a bit sticky, but this is normal. On top of this layer a brush gently apply a thin layer of gel lacquer. We should act very carefully, because if the gel nail gets on the end of the nail or the skin around, then the coverage will begin to delaminate. If the gel gets on the «exclusion zone», you need to remove with the help of a special пушера of plastic. When the nails are covered, hands should be placed under a UV lamp for approximately two to three minutes. After the first layer of coating is completed, proceed to the second layer.

Shellac-technology requires a certain sequence in the activities, so there is a specific procedure, which are recommended to maintain the manufacturers of shellac and professional маникюрщики. Start to apply the gel lacquer need with little finger. After the nail is covered, it should be five seconds to hold under a UV lamp. Until one little finger dries, cover the pinky on the other, his free hand, and so on down the line with all the nails. If you adhere to such system, varnish will not spread, and get on cuticle or the skin around the nail. There is one significant disadvantage: such a system coating is extremely difficult to practice on yourself.

In fact, application of shellac is very simple to understand it can be even on the fly. But if you are not confident in their abilities, it makes sense to show theme tutorials, in which well demonstrates how to apply shellac.

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