Pressotherapy contraindications

Прессотерапия противопоказанияProcedure pressure therapy is a lymphatic drainage massage, which is conducted by the compressor unit. In time this procedure from the body via various toxins, excess fluid.

Pressotherapy is the helper in the fight against cellulite and different problems in our body. It makes it easy not only to put in order the figure, remove excess weight and cellulite, but also to normalize our blood vessels, strengthen their walls and thereby protect the patient from the varicose disease of the veins.

What happens to our body in time pressure therapy? In the beginning of the treatment for all problem areas dress special cuffs, then use special hardware compressor in them pumped air, which does all the work. During the procedure, the movement of ofmy is activated from the heart to peripheral areas. Because of this, all the stagnation of our body begin to be liquidated.

Like any other cosmetic and medical procedure pressotherapy indications and contraindications is. Pressotherapy contraindications is despite the fact that it differs from such procedures as manual massage, electrophoresis. In some States, this procedure is prohibited. Contraindications it to people suffering from such diseases as diabetes, tuberculosis, blood clots in the vessels. In addition, you cannot use this procedure when pregnancy and menstruation, during the period of breastfeeding. Also it is forbidden for people with cardiovascular disease, people who have impaired kidney function, as well as the presence of malignant and benign. Pressotherapy contraindications myoma of the uterus is only when this is evidenced gynecologist, i.e. in the case fibroids are relative contraindications.

Pressotherapy contraindications feedback has only when the procedure was carried out without consulting a doctor. Or in the case when the procedure is not carried out by a qualified specialist, who one way or another might not affect our body and the body.

Testimony of this procedure include diseases such as cellulite, swollen feet, stress, insomnia. In addition, pressure therapy shown to those people who suffer venous insufficiency, muscle tension. This procedure is aimed at a positive effect that is felt after the first time. It gives the body an energy boost, removes excess liquid, helps to work our lymphatic system.

Прессотерапия противопоказанияTreatment therapy is appointed by the specialist, and this will depend on and value. As they say beauticians, one procedure pressure therapy replaces up to twenty sessions of manual massage. To achieve the best effect it should be performed at least ten to fifteen times. Pressotherapy contraindications price will be approximately 90-100 rubles for one procedure, but it is necessary for a good result to do at least three to five times a week.

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